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15% Off $125+ • 10% Off $75+ • 8% Off $50 +

Pacific Shaving Company

Pacific Shaving Company was started by just normal guy Stan Ades in 2002. He, like most men had the daily chore of shaving daily when he realized that while the razor industry had made many upgrades over the years, he was still using the same old rust circle causing cream in a can. While having a good razor definitely gives you a close shave, the correct cream is the difference between an uncomfortable and comfortable experience. Stan's goal was to develop a line of products that provides you with a comfortable shave while being moisturizing but not overly greasy, kind to those with sensitive skin and thick enough for the heaviest beard. He is proud to have a full line of products that are small (TSA Approved for you travelers), safe, natural, Eco-friendly and have a great price point.

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