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Free Shipping On Orders $25+. Use Code FATHERSDAY

Piccadilly Shaving Co.

Charles Dickens, Jr. once said, "Piccadilly, the great the nearest approach to the Parisian boulevard of which London can boast." We've got news for old Charlie: Yeah, it is a great thoroughfare, London doesn't need to compare itself with Paris, and as great as the road itself is, the shaving company is even better.

If you're all high tea and walking sticks at heart, the Piccadilly Shaving Co. is your ideal source for skin care products and grooming supplies. Combining 25 years of passion and know-how into a single, sensationally, quintessentially British company, they're quite literally taking the tradition of luxury grooming for gentlemen and bottling it. Located on the esteemed road itself, in the most exclusive part of London, an old Gentlemen's Club is now home to a new gentlemen's empire: Piccadilly Shaving, the most elegantly English of purveyors.

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