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    Provence Sante

    Provence Sant? is both simple and complex. Simple in that they aim to bring us authentic, geographically inspired soaps and grooming products using skin healthy and natural ingredients. Complex in that they go to great lengths to ensure this goal and their philosophies are implemented from start to finish. It is this careful balance between modern technology and being true to your environment which sets them, and their toiletries apart. (And a side note, they started doing this years before it became a trend in the beauty and shaving markets.) As stewards of the environment, using natural and organic ingredients, all is manufactured in a leading French laboratory specializing in globe friendly production methods. Packaging is designed to minimize materials to only those needed to protect the product and provide for necessary labeling. All products are tested on humans right on site. They are a small company and employs a similar number of people as we do here, so we have a kindred spirit.

    Provence Sante Vetiver EDT, 100ml-FR-PRS-003-West Coast Shaving
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