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    Razor Blades

    We offer double edge blades from around the world. We carry Astra, Merkur, Lord, Bic, Gilettes, and many more. You can buy DE safety razor blades by the pack or in bulk. We also have razor blades made for straight razors.


      Razor Blade Education

      The double edge razor blades are what make shaving possible. The razor blades come in different materials, coating, and levels of sharpness. All the DE razor blades brands fit all standard double edge safety razors. We have shaving blades from Astra, Merkur, Lord, Bic, Gillette, Wikinson, Iridium Super, Dorco, Nacet, Derby, Shark, Treet, Feather and more...We pride ourselves in our selection of different types to ensure the perfect shave.

      What is the best Razor blade for me?

      The material, coating, and grind of the razor blades affect how smooth and sharp the blade is. Each characteristic affects how the blade shaves. We find that each person's skin reacts differently to different razor blades, so we suggest testing many different types of razor blades. That is exactly why we created the Razor Blade Sample Packs.

      Razor Blade Packs

      We sell razor blades by the pack (5 -10 blades), as well as in bulk quantities (50-100 blades) for extra savings. We have a few different sample packs that sell multiple different brands together at a discounted price. We also have injector razor blades that are made for specific straight razors.