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Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20

Razor Blades

Here at WCS, we offer double edge razor blades from around the world. We carry Astra, Merkur, Lord, Bic, Gilettes, and many more. You can buy DE safety razor blades by the pack or in bulk. We also have razor blades made for straight razors.

  • SHARP Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades-5 Blade Pack (Single)-West Coast Shaving
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    SHARP Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades

    1 review

    These are the Genuine "SHARP STAINLESS" Double Edge razor blades. We have found Sharp blades to be extremely forgiving, and as a result, are excel...

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    from $2.99
  • Sharp Double Edge Razor Blades-10 Blade Pack (Single)-West Coast Shaving
    from $2.49

    Sharp Double Edge Razor Blades

    4 reviews

    Double edge razor blade Stainless steel, coated for smoothness Available in 10 pack or 100 blades Established in 1962, Samah Razor Blades Industr...

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    from $2.49

How do you choose the right razor blade?

Here at West Coast Shaving, we got our start helping people answer just this question. Finding the right razor blade is a little like dating - you gotta try a few duds before you get the right one. So, we suggest grabbing a sample pack of some of the most popular blades on the market, numbering the boxes, and then going through them systematically. Put in a blade a shave a few times, being sure to keep notes. Once you’ve made it through all the blades - do it again. Especially as a new shaver, you may approach an old blade differently as your technique improves.

You might even need to do this process again if you get a new razor or if other variables change. Revisiting a once-hated blade is also a good idea as you might find you love it when you come to it again.

How many shaves will you get from a razor blade?

The longevity of a double edge razor blade can depend on a number of factors including quality of the blade (Is it reputable? Is it coated?), your hair type (do you have coarse hair? Thin hair?), how you store your blades (are you drying it between uses? Storing blades away from humidity?), and more. But a ballpark estimate is that a good blade can last +/- 5 shaves. But don’t be afraid to change it sooner, especially if you are just beginning. It is always better to change your blade too soon, than too late. Your face will thank you.

Will water dull razor blades?

Short answer: not necessarily

Longer answer: Water is a vital component of this classic shaving gig, but it can also take a toll on your equipment, especially the metal pieces. (Metal and water don’t always deal famously together). Allowing your tools to stay wet or storing them in a high humidity environment can cause problems. Even a stainless steel blade will rust, if not cared for properly.

In the great paradox of wet shaving, it is imperative that you keep your equipment dry.

How do you make razor blades last longer?

If you want to get the most out of your razor blade, there are a few things to consider. First, buy high quality blades. Second, treat them well. That means rinsing them well and allowing them to dry completely between shaves. Third, some people have had some success with “stropping” the blade on a piece of denim. Running the razor blade on a coarse cloth can clean it and perhaps re-align the blade to get more/better use out of it. But don’t sacrifice your face in the search for “one more shave”. It is better to switch it out than risk irritation.