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    Andrew S.
    • Value for Money

    Very Good Blades

    I know most veteran shavers might believe otherwise, but somewhere in the last couple of years, these blades seem (to me) to have changed a bit. Older Med Preps are the best blades I've ever used. They have the perfect, harmonious synergy of smooth and sharp put into one very fine edge. I ordered (3) 100 packs of Med Preps recently because I'm running low on my older supply. I've tried two blades from each of the new 100 packs, and I'm left feeling a little disappointed. I've yet to have a shave with any of the new blades where I am free of at least a few tiny cuts. I do have very sensitive neck skin, and I also seem to get above normal irritation with these newer blades. That being said, the parts of my skin that aren't on fire or weeping a little sangre are extremely smooth and hair free. And the shave lasts very well. Of the six new Med Preps I've tried, I could only make it through 2 shaves each (due to discomfort), as opposed to a guaranteed 5-6 from the older Med Preps. I'm hoping that maybe I just drew out the bad ones randomly, and that they tend to improve as time goes. At what these cost, there are much better, and more comfortable, shaves to be had for me (Specifically, Personna Reds in UK packaging). If I find that the blades in the boxes start trending more towards the older Med Preps, then it's money well spent. I don't mean to make these sound horrible. They aren't. They just don't seem to be as smooth and comfortable as the older iteration. And as I mentioned, I can get much more comfort and equally sufficient shaves from products that are far less expensive.

    Martin B.

    Very Pleased

    These blades are very sharp and last longer than Merkur blades which I have used for many years. Happy to be using an American made product.

    Bill G.

    Best blades for me

    I have found blades are dependent on how they work for your skin and what shave cream you use with them. I have found these blades are the best for my face, I have used samplers of most of the popular brands and had just completed a 100 blade box of Astras. I have no strong complaints of any of the popular brands, but there is something special about the Medical prep blades. I change blades on Sunday and shave every day these blades start out the same as they finish in 7 shaves. I am currently using Cremo shave cream and for me it is a great combination. These blades are more pricey than most any other but they are made in USA and of very consistent good quality. As many have said before they are just smother. West coast shaving was very fast on delivery.

    • Value for Money

    Long Awaited

    After countless review videos I knew these blades were for me. I can see why they sell out so fast. The best shave of my life was when I first used these. They dont give you that cutting edge Feather does but they are a million times smoother. I have sensitive skin and this is the first time I dont even feel but sensations after a shave. Never switching.

    Michael P.
    • Value for Money

    Outshines everything else

    About 10 years ago I bought many different brands to try out. I have tried tons and still have probably just about any brand you can think of left over. Why you may ask? Quite simply because of the Personna Med Prep blade! It's the only ones I buy anymore. Since around 2011, I have only had to buy a box of 100 and before that around 2008. Probably not quite as sharp as Feather, but a much better and longer lasting blade. I use them in my Merkur Slant. I don't ever recall using them in any of my other double edges. I guess when you find a good combo, why change? My beard is coarse and I can generally get around 4 shaves without issue. The 5th shave probably would be pushing it. Overall this is the best of all worlds! Give it a shot and I highly doubt you will buy anything else after giving these a shot.