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Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

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Shark Super Stainless double edge razor blades are stainless blades that fit all double edge razors. Sharp and smooth, these are high quality blades.5 blades per pack.Made in Egypt.

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James M.
  • Value for Money
Not recommended on thick facial hair; worth trying for a new blade

Very good shave, but constant irritation and pulling, not always smooth

Scott M.
  • Value for Money
Inexpensive but still not worth the price of least for me.

I tried these blades (full disclosure, I received 12 of them free with two of my razors and in a sample pack) in a Parker 65 a Parker 24 and in an Ikon slant. They work OK for 2-3 shaves but even when new they felt "scratchy" and rough on my face. The shave with a 3 pass with touch up was barely DFS on day #1 and by the 3rd shave was only a CCS. I tried 3 blades and will be giving the rest away. I'm know that some folks find these to be excellent but as the saying goes YMMV. Even if they gave me a close shave, I suppose I've been spoiled by other blades that just feel so much smoother on my face. I guess I would sum this review up by saying they felt and shave like a disposable razor...OK in a pinch, but not if I could avoid them.

Appropriately named: Shark--they take a bite out of your skin!

Why bother with an inferior blade? That is the question I have asked myself. I have experimented the last year with different blades because I like to see what is out there, get new packages in the mail, etc. I received these free with the purchase of a Parker 99R. I gave these a fair shot in 2-3 different razors and they just left me bleeding in different spots every time. Life is short, use quality stuff while you can.

Peyton W.
They work, but

I was expecting more for my first DEMshave ever. What I got was mediocre at best, scruffy at the worst. I've tried many methods and modes of shaving over my 40+ years (cartridge, electric, multi-blade) and many have given me closer and more comfortable shaves. I would call these blades utilitarian if anything, not superlative by any means.

Good Blade

I thought this was a good blade. I have a heavy beard and had not shaved for 48 hours and the shave was smooth. No burn, no pull. I think a lot of negatives about blades have to do more to do with pre-shave prep and lather rather than the blade itself. I also use an adjustable Fat Boy which may make a difference as well.