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    Kandace Y.
    • Value for Money

    Best razor!!!

    Hands down the best replaceable blade straight edge I have ever used here at the barber shop. I will never use another brand. The blades are definitely more pricey than the others but worth every penny.

    Anerudhan P.
    • Value for Money

    Amazing Razor. But make sure you can handle it.

    I'll be honest, I completely ignored the "not for the faint of heart" suggestion in the product description. I guess you could say I'm bold (or really foolish). Anyway, this was my first ever foray into "straight razor/shavette" wet shaving. I had never even held one in my hand until this got delivered to my house. I've been using a safety razor for the past two years and boy did the Captain come with a learning curve. The first shave, my face looked like I had gone through the medieval Asian torture "death of a thousand cuts." However, through steady, patient practice and lots of YouTube videos, I can say now that I can get a proper shave without cutting myself at all. I'm not sure, but I can assume that other, cheaper shavettes would probably be a better beginner option than this. However, this thing leaves my face so hairless that I think it has the power to revert puberty. As a standalone product, it is exceptional. Probably not for a novice, like I myself was when I got this, but you simply will not get a closer shave than this. And none of the hassle of a true straight razor. Just a pop blade once a week (daily shaving) and you're good to go. Easy to disassemble, clean, disinfect, dry, and put back together. And unlike a straight razor, you won't develop sloppy habits/cut at unnatural angles cause your bald has dulled and you can get away with it. This thing will punish you if you don't concentrate. Overall, I can safely say someone would be very happy with product in the end and I would gladly recommend this.

    • Value for Money

    Excellent shaver

    Got one of this Japanese beauty from a friend. I have previously used Feather and straight razor, safety razor as well so i can compare to something here. The shape and quality of this razor is outstanding, flawless. It shaves close with no irritation compare to other shavettes. Easy to maintain- just drop a fresh blade inside and have 7 fresh shaves or more depending on blade choice.