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The Goodfellas' Smile Shibumi Kamisori Shavette, The Original

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  • Japanese style straight/shavette razor
  • Uses disposable blades
  • Black Teflon coated steel

This up-and-coming artisanal brand is pumping out stylish products for the man who loves traditional shaving. The Goodfellas' Smile is located in northern Italy, home to fast cars, high fashion, and phenomenal grooming. Check out this brand with its modern take on traditional sensibilities.

This is a Japanese style "free-hand" razor. As a shavette, it uses 1/2 a DE razor blade that you can change out as frequently as you like. You can use your favorite DE blade broken in half (simply remove a blade from a pack and, without removing the wrapper, fold it in half on the long side.) The blade holder is made of steel and covered with a black, anti-rust, industrial strength Teflon.

The handle is hand-wrapped in red by an expert craftsman. It provides a firm grip throughout your shave, as well as a stylish covering. This Japanese style hand doesn't close on itself so store carefully.

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Kelsey J.
United States United States
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It's my first shavette

Not sure what to compare this too, since I've never used a shavette or straight razor before. I've used it about 5 times now. Each time better than the time before. It gives a closer shave than anything I've ever used before. I only need 2 passes, with the grain and across the grain. I haven't needed to go against the grain yet, it's already as close as I can get. Some of the challenge parts are the back of my neck, since I have to hold a mirror and I can't use that hand to tighten the skin. Also the part of my cheeks closest to my nose sinks in a little bit, which means finding the right angle without cutting myself can be a bit tricky. But I'm managing.

United States United States
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Almost great

This shavette feels great in your hands, is well made and comes in an awesome looking box that doubles as storage. Has a good weight to it. Shave quality is probably more dependent on your face and what blade you use in it, so I won't comment much on that other than saying it works for me. There is one major flaw in the design though. The blade is held in place by sliding it under two tabs. A good amount of force of required to seat the blade under the tabs, which open towards the cutting edge. Meaning, you have to apply force from the business end of the blade! It just feels wildly unsafe to load this thing up. I end up using the paper and wax blade wrapper to cover the sharp end as I slide the blade under the tabs. The Parker shavette style that splits into two pieces to load the blade is significantly easier to work with. Once loaded I do prefer this TGS to the Parker. I'm sure someone will figure out the safest/quickest process to load this eventually, just keep in mind you will have to be extremely careful and put a lot of effort into changing blades so you don't get cut. I've been loading DE blades for 10 years now and never felt as this uneasy before.

Jeofrey P.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

The Goodfellas' Smile Shibumi Kamisori Shavette, The Original

The blade exposure seems a bit more than i am used on the CJB kamisori, however it does a great job and the handle is weighted and build quality is great. There is no blade chatter and it is secure once loaded. Loading the blade is effortless! No complaints! Highly recommended for those who want to try a kamisori shavette that uses DE blades snapped in half.

Zakhary H.
United States United States
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Shibumi Kamisori Straight Razor

It felt a little different without having a tang on my first shave but overall I love this razor! Hands down one of the best straight razors I’ve used. It has a great weight to it and is very easy to maneuver

A West Coast Shaving Customer
Matthew B.
United States United States

A great introduction to straight-razor shaving

This is my first shavette, and I liken it to shaving with a miniature samurai sword. (Just look at it!) At first, I wasn't sure how to load a blade; I tried wedging the blade into the head of the shavette where it looked like it would fit best. After a few shaves, I realized that the blade mechanism slides in and out of the head, making it easy to install blades. I own a second-hand straight razor, but after a few cuts and close calls (it's SHARP!), I put it down and went back to DE shaving. I bought this shavette as a way of trying straight-razor shaving again, just to see if I could work on technique with a lower risk of opening an artery. For quick shaves, I still use my DE razor, but I really enjoy shaving with this shavette so much that it's become my go-to when I have more time.