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    Rockwell Razors

    Rockwell Razors got its start through a well-publicized and widely recognized Kickstarter (crowdfunding campaign) for the first Edition of the Rockwell 6S. Because of the demand for adding adjustability to modern three-piece safety razors, the plates and handle from the Rockwell 6S Kickstarter Edition (top cap not included at this time) are currently sold individually at West Coast Shaving as a fantastic addition to customers who currently own or are purchasing a 3-piece safety razor. The adjustable sizes that come from Rockwell plates represent different blade gaps, with Size 1 being the smallest blade gap and Size 6 being the largest. Additionally, Rockwell stainless steel handles have proved immensely popular and are a great option for customers looking to add an affordable ???bulldog?? handle to their modern three-piece safety razor.

    Rockwell Razors will be coming out with a new version of the Rockwell 6S late in 2015, with an improved fit and finish interaction between the plates and the caps, which will allow for the Rockwell 6S to be sold in its entirety, rather than in components.