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30% Off WCS Two-Tone Tall Shaving Brushes
30% Off WCS Two-Tone Tall Shaving Brushes

Rockwell Razor Blade Bank, Black

SKU OP-ROC-962242
  • Convenient used blade storage
  • Metal and safe
  • Simple black color with white Rockwell logo

Rockwell Razors exploded on the scene with a crowdfunded razor design that got people talking. Now they are continuing to innovate and provide you with new products.

This blade bank is a wonderful addition to your shaving den. When you change your double edge razors blade, you are left with a dull piece of metal -- that really isn’t that dull. So, how do you dispose of it safely and stewardly? With this “bank”. Drop used blades in the slit in the top until it is full. When it is full, you can recycle it (after you make sure that your metal recycler can take sharp objects or use a mail-in blade recycler) or discard. It is safer for anyone who handles trash and better for the environment.

This bank has a small footprint but a big impact. It can hold many months worth of blades. It can help the environment by reducing waste. It can keep those who handle trash and recycling safer, as well as keeping your household safe.

Size: 1 bank