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    Safety Razors

    Shaving with a safety razor is a more enjoyable (and affordable) shave. The shave is better for your skin, better for your wallet.... and better for your soul. Shop our Top 10 and Newest Safety Razors or browse our exclusive razors and best sellers from brands like Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Feather, and Muhle.


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      Double Edge Safety Razor Education

      DE Safety Razors are great for a few reasons:

      Types of Safety Razors

      There are 5 types of safety razors: Closed Comb, Open Comb, Butterfly, Adjustable, and Slant. Close Comb and Open Comb differ only in the amount of razor blade that is exposed to the skin. Open comb safety razors expose more of the razor blade and are, therefore, considered more aggressive in wet shaving. Butterfly safety razors are one piece and have a twist-to-open mechanism which makes it easier to insert the blade. Adjustable razors allow for the blade gap to be customized, changing the amount of blade that is exposed to the skin- which affects the aggressiveness of the shave. Slant Razor heads are designed in a unique way the offsets the razor blade so that the razor is shaving at a specific angle. We recommend Closed Comb razors for anyone who is starting off in wet shaving.

      Shaving with a Safety Razor

      There are three fundamentals to shaving with a safety razor.