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35% Off All Clearance Items!
35% Off All Clearance Items!

Henson Shaving Aluminum AL13 Medium DE Safety Razor

  • Medium aggression, three piece safety razor
  • Non-traditional, aerospace engineering with exacting tolerances
  • Available in 6 colors from the drop down menu

Henson Shaving is redesigning your safety razor. Named after the man to first patent the t-shape razor (that Gillette eventually developed into ubiquitous tool in use today), Henson Shaving is going back to the engineering drawing board to bring you exacting tolerances and construction.

This aluminum razor is a medium aggressive razor with exacting tolerances. They have collaborated with an aerospace design and manufacturer to ensure that each razor holds the blade at the correct angle and gap to give you the perfect shave. 

The light weight of this handle means that it is maneuverable and precise. It is crafted from aluminum and the long, knurled handle is great for multipurpose shaving. It works particularly well with Astra razor blades. Get it in aircraft aluminum, rocket red, steel blue, azure, purple, or black.

Size: 1.3oz