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    Not just for man hands

    First off I would like to say that I am a woman with small hands, but I figured the longer handle would be good for shaving legs. This is my first safety razor, and I found it very easy to hold and use. The weight feels good and the handle doesn't slip around. It doesn't clog up with hair like the disposable razors do. I also bought the rum and vanilla shave soap to use with it and it works very well with just that. Great purchase, I'd recommend it to anyone.

    Ben W.
    • Value for Money

    Great long-handle razor

    This is a well-built razor and feels a little more comfortable in my hand than standard-length handles. I'm 6'6" and this fits my hand pretty nicely. The handle is a touch thinner than I expected, but it has a solid weight and it balances well. Fit and finish seem very good for the first few weeks I've had it. Shaves on the mild side and has paired with Astra and Feather blades very well for me.

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    Works just as well for women as it does for "man-sized hands" ;)

    While I don't condone the description and male-only advertising surrounding DE razors, I do love this razor. It's the first safety razor I've tried and is simple, durable, and affordable. The long handle makes for a comfortable grip and is helpful when extra length is needed on the legs. The weight feels very natural and it's the most effortless and closest shave I've been able to get, and it feels good to be minimizing the waste produced from shaving with disposables.

    • Value for Money


    Before purchasing, I read these tips that made my first safety razor shave go perfectly: 1. Use shaving soap 2. Use warm (not hot) water 3. Use short strokes (about 2 inches or so) at a 30 degree angle 4. Use barely any pressure; very lightly 5. Shave with the grain (in the same direction the hair grows) 6. Use aftershave (I used coconut oil and smoothed it over also in the same direction as the hair growth) I didn't get any rash, bumps or cuts! With plastic, disposable razors I always did. Plus all the trash and money would pile up in buying and throwing those away. This purchase was SO worth it; I will be buying my replacement blades and soaps from here for sure! Everyone should ditch plastic razors!

    Tyler M.
    • Value for Money

    Great shave, no irritation

    Before switching to safety razors, I would get really bad ingrown hairs on my neck. When I bought the safety razor, I was skeptical. But after trying it once, I am hooked. No irritation or ingrown hairs!