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    Shaving Brush Education 

    The Shaving brush is an essential tool in the traditional wet shaving process. Shaving Brushes are used to first and foremost create a thick and creamy lather that you will use for your shave.


    What are the benefits of using a shaving brush?

    Better for your shave. The Bristles from a shaving brush help lift and suspend your facial hair into the shaving cream, making the hairs easier cut during the shave because they standing straight up.

    Better for your skin. Shaving Brushes help exfoliate your skin with the gentle scrubbing motion you use while making your lather. The shaving brush also helps to get rid of dirt and oil buildup on the surface of the skin therefore making the skin as smooth as possible. This helps prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and any irritation that you may be used to.


    Differences Between Types of Shaving Brushes


    Synthetic brushes have come a long way in the last few years. Previously we might have only recommended these brushes to a traveler or a value shopper, but now we think these brushes are great for almost everyone. They are both a good value and provide excellent quality. Synthetics are made of a synthetic nylon fiber and contain no animal hair.

    Badger Hair- High Quality (Silvertip Badger)

    Badger hair comes in a variety of qualities. Highest includes Finest, Super and Silvertip. These are the creme de la creme of shaving brushes. These shaving brushes provide the feeling of a Barbershop shave right at home. The highest quality badger brushes are great at retaining heat and water (just soak your brush in warm water for a few minutes before your shave) and this heat will transfer over to your lather. The Finest, Super and Silvertip shaving brushes all have soft tips that provide a luxurious experience while lathering, silvertips being the softest.

    Badger Hair – Beginner Quality (Pure Badger)

    These include Pure & Best Badger Brushes. Beginner Quality badger brushes are still great at holding heat and water retention like the Highest Quality counterparts but lack in the soft tips. The tips on Beginner Quality badger brushes have more of a scritch to them and will not be as soft on your face while lathering. The Beginner Quality badger brushes are the perfect place to take a dive into the world of badger without breaking the bank.


    In the beginning of using a boar brush you will notice it is stiffer and a bit scritchy. These shaving brushes have a break in period to them, meaning that the more you use them, the softer the tips will get. Make sure to soak your boar brush in warm water for at least 5 minutes before your shave, this will help the boar bristles soften up for a better face feel. Boar Brushes are great for someone who is looking for more scrub on your face during the lathering, great backbone, and some heat retention.


    The bristle in a Horse Hair shaving brush comes from horse hair trimmings. This is great for someone that wants a natural hair brush, but is more concerned about the animals well being. Horse hair shaving brushes are softer than their boar counterparts. While they do not have the same water and heat retention as many of the Highest Quality badger brushes, they do an adequate job in that area.