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Save 25% Off WCS Shaving Brushes!
Save 25% Off WCS Shaving Brushes!

Heritage Collection Cmon 77-5 Shaving Brush, WCS Abyss Knot

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Color: Butterscotch & Cream
  • Recreated vintage style brush
  • Popular handle available in 10 different colors, choose from dropdown menu
  • With black synthetic hair from West Coast Shaving

In honor of legendary razor designer, Carl Monkhouse, the Peter J. Michaels company designed this iconic shaving brush nearly a 100 year ago. And they dubbed it C-MON after its inspiration. The tall, lean handle is perfect for mug/bowl lathers, but it can equally be used by face/palm latherers as well. It is stamped with "C-MON Deluxe 77 5". Get this shaving brush in 10 different combinations of colors: butterscotch & cream, butterscotch & black, red & black, lime green & cream, sky blue & black, purple & cream, blue & yellow, orange & green, ruby & sapphire.  

In collaboration with Heritage Collections, West Coast has added their Abyss synthetic hair to this fabulous handle. Synthetic hair has continued to evolve over the years and now this hair can rival natural hair shaving brushes. Try it out today - great face feel, exceptional backbone, quick drying, low maintenance, & longevity. 

Size: 26mm