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Sale Starts NOW - $25 WCS SS CNC Safety Razor Handles
Sale Starts NOW - $25 WCS SS CNC Safety Razor Handles

Heritage Collection Ever Ready 200 Double Halo Shaving Brush, WCS 3 Band Badger Gel Knot

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Color: Butterscotch & Cream
  • Recreated vintage style brush
  • Choose your handle colors from the dropdown menu
  • Shaving knot in WCS 3-band badger 


Ever wanted to a shaving brush with vintage flare? Then this is the shaving brush for you! Popular in the 30s, 40s, & 50s, this shaving brush design from Ever Ready is a classic. As a shorter, squat brush, it is perfect for face latherers. Although, it will certainly whip up a lather in a bowl as well. Choose your color combo from the drop down menu. The choices are reminiscent of its vintage roots: cream & butterscotch, sapphire & butterscotch, black & vintage green.

Using the West Coast Shaving 3-band badger knot, you can whip up a phenomenal lather. Badger hair is the standard setter for natural hair brushes. With its ability to absorb water and great backbone, you can't go wrong with this hair. The top band of light color hair has gelled tips to enhance its face feel. We think you'll fall in love with this one. 


Size: 26mm knot

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