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Sale Starts NOW - $25 WCS SS CNC Safety Razor Handles
Sale Starts NOW - $25 WCS SS CNC Safety Razor Handles

Heritage Collection Ever Ready 3 Step Shaving Brush, WCS Abyss Knot

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Color: Turquoise & Cream
  • Recreated vintage style brush
  • Available in 5 different colors, choose from the dropdown menu
  • Loaded with a knot in WCS Abyss synthetic

You have to love this throw-back design from Heritage Collection. Like a shaving brush you might find on grandpa's bathroom counter, this brush has a classic silhouette. It is short and squat and fits nicely in the hand of face latherers. But it isn't limited to face lathers as bowl and palm latherers will appreciate it as well. The base has a rippled effect, perfect to keep a good grip. Choose your color combo from the dropdown menu: torquoise & cream, turquoise & black, blue & yellow, green & cream, and green & black. The handle is stamped with "Ever Ready guaranteed".

This vintage handle is filled with a modern knot! Synthetic has come a long way. This Abyss knot from West Coast Shaving is a brilliant black, but it is also brilliant as a substitute for natural hair. It has the great backbone and face feel that you would expect from badger. But it can also boast the benefits of synthetics: low maintenance, quick drying, long-lasting. You just can't go wrong with this shaving brush.

Size: 26mm