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Sale Starts NOW - $25 WCS SS CNC Safety Razor Handles
Sale Starts NOW - $25 WCS SS CNC Safety Razor Handles

Heritage Collection Ever Ready 500E Shaving Brush, Big Bulb Tuxedo

Color: Lavender & Black
  • Vintage-inspired shaving brush
  • Loaded with a synthetic, black & white knot
  • Available in 3 colors: cream/orange, black/lavender, black/red.

Heritage Collection is recreating some of the great shaving brushes of the past. With a nod to the design of the past AND modern materials and methods, you get the best of both worlds.

This Ever Ready 500E series is a classic handle from last century. American Safety Razor produced Ever Ready shaving brushes from 1915 to the early 1990s. Thanks to Heritage you can own a bit of nostalgia. This handle has a beveled bottom in plastic that is topped with a spherical collar. It is stamped with “Ever-Ready set in rubber 500E”. You can choose from three two-toned color pairings: cream/orange with orange letters, black/lavender with purple letters, and black/red with copper letters.

This shaving brush handle is loaded with a synthetic knot in a bulb shape. This massive loft is ready to whip up a phenomenal later with its tuxedo coloring. The black knot with white tips will help you create the lather you need for a great shave.   

Size: 26mm