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30% OFF Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% OFF Summer Clean Up Sale!

Heritage Collection Shaving Merit 99-5 Shaving Brush Gel Bulb Knot, Turquoise and Cream with Turquoise Letters

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  • Vintage-inspired shaving brush
  • Loaded with a badger hair gel knot in a bulb shape
  • Available in turquoise and cream

Heritage Collection is crafting shaving brush handles inspired by the past. They are seeking to recreate handles that will bring you back to simpler times. This brush is loaded with a 2 band manchurian badger hair. Badger is often used in shaving brushes because of its water absorption which helps create a phenomenal lather and soft face feel. 

The handle is a rare find in the wild, but Heritage has worked hard to recreate this elusive brush handle. It is a two-toned handle in turquoise and cream. Use it to work up a phenomenal lather on shaving soaps or creams.

Size: 26mm