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Omega Penelli White HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush

24 reviews
SKU SB-OME-146745
  • Innovative shaving brush from Omega
  • Loaded with HI-BRUSH synthetic fibers
  • Pure white handle

For decades, Omega brushes have been turning out exceptional products. From paint to shaving brushes, they have the expertise in manufacturing, innovating, and producing. With so many options to choose from, it might be difficult to know which one to get. This Omega 0146745 HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush has some unique characteristics.

First, it is loaded with Omega's HI-BRUSH synthetic fiber. This PBT (thermoplastic semi-crytstalline polyester) has better performance in holding and releasing the right quantity of soap creating a better foam than hog or badger. The treated tips are soft on the skin AND it last longer than natural hair brushes. It is also more hygienic and easier to clean and maintain. What's not to love about this?

Second, the handle on this brush is pure white, not ivory. The black lettering on the smooth, plaster-white surface really stands out on this elegant brush. Similar to the Omega 146229 in every way except for the white handle color, this is one of the few all-white shaving brushes around. With a great curvaceous handle design and 5 color options in this line of soft and lather-friendly synthetic brushes, we think you will find the one that's right for you.

  • Height: 108mm
  • Loft: 58mm
  • Base: 50mm
  • Knot: 25mm
  • Hair: Hi-Brush synthetic

Dimensions are approximations

Made in Italy

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Customer Reviews
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A West Coast Shaving Customer
United States United States
I recommend this product
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First go with a synthetic.

This is the first synthetic brush. I was skeptical after my initial try as it is different than lathering with a badger brush. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I am more impressed. It does not absorb water so no need to shake it off as much as a natural bristle brush. It does hold water, yet sheds it quickly so you have to get used to that. I have found it better to mix up your lather, and add water as needed. For the brush itself, there is no break in period, it has a softer feel than a badger brush, and in my experience requires a little more work to build a decent lather. The more I've used it, the better results I have had, so there is a learning curve. Thus far the bristles have in no way "bloomed", the knot retains its shape. As expected it dries quickly so it will be my brush for when I travel. I will most likely try another synthetic in the future, but for a first purchase I am highly satisfied.

Massimo Z.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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First Synthetic Brush does not disappoint

As with many aspects of shaving items, its personal preference. I no longer wanted badger hair brushes for multiple reasons. I selected this brush as it appeared to fit my needs both in function and price. After using multiple times, I am satisfied with my purchase. It is a little soft for me so maybe next brush will want to be stiffer, but that not an issue with the brush. It's performs well, no construction faults, and most important does what its suppose to without me wondering about it. Cannot ask for more than that. My badger brushes are not retired and this is my go to brush.

Todd K.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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Omega and West Coast Shaving owe Ken Surfs

I would never had ordered a synthetic brush had I not seen Ken’s review.  It slightly underperforms a silver tip badge, but just “by a hair”.  It’s a really nice brush and performs well. 

Jordan H.
United States United States
Great Brush

The lather from this brush was great. It had minor shedding and a slight scuff on the handle but overall it is a great brush.

Daniel S.
United States United States
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
My first synthetic

Overall much nice than my other brush which was a cheap amazon badger. The feel is soft and it does lather well. My problem is that after breaking it in completely it then knot is not for me. The brush seems to push down while lathering and gets somewhat twisted at the knot. This could be my technique but I've heard that other cheaper Omega Synthetics hold up better. Still a good brush and I will still plan on using it. I am going to be trying a Semogue boar though to see if I like that better.