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25% off WCS Shaving Brushes & 10% off All Others
25% off WCS Shaving Brushes & 10% off All Others

Shaving Creams

What's a wet shave without the lather? Shaving creams offer the lubrication that you need to get a smooth shave. 

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Why do I need shaving cream?

The purpose of a shaving cream (or shaving soap, foam, gel) is to provide a protective, slick layer between your skin and the blade of a razor. Steel on skin doesn’t always end well and, in particular, the skin of your face benefits from some extra consideration. While there are lots of different products that can provide such lubrication, generations of shavers have found that a good shaving cream or soap with a rich, dense lather is often the best choice.

Which is better, shaving cream or shaving foam?

Often shaving foams (or any canned shaving product) is created using lots of air. While this creates a frothy, lather-like appearance, most of these products do not provide the protection your skin deserves. Whipping up a lather with a shaving brush from a tub of artisan shaving cream is very different from pushing a button on an aerosol can. Handcrafted shaving creams are often loaded with natural products with skin-loving benefits and fewer chemicals.

Are shaving creams safe? What if I get shaving cream in my mouth?

Handcrafted, natural shaving products are one of the selling points in this classic shaving gig. As such, many of our creams include fewer unpronounceable ingredients, questionable preservatives, and risky chemicals. This means a safer shave. And since you are applying this product right near your mouth that means some peace of mind as well. If you get a little in your mouth, don’t worry, your tastebuds will likely be the most offended party. (No matter how good that shaving cream might smell, you don’t want to eat it!)

Is shaving cream or shaving soap better?

Not better, just different. We recommend and sell both shaving creams and shaving soaps because they both have their place. Shaving creams are generally easier to lather than their soap counterparts, so we often suggest that new shavers start with a cream. Shaving soaps can take a bit longer to dial in the lather, but they tend to last longer. Shaving soaps can also handle more complex recipes to include additional skin-nourishing goodies. But both shaving soaps and shaving creams come in a wide variety of aromas, whip up phenomenal protective lathers, and provide skin-nourishing ingredients.