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    Shaving Cream and Shaving Soaps Education

    Shaving Creams and Shaving Soaps are a pivotal part of the shaving experience. They add a layer of lubrication and protection to the skin that keep your skin healthy during the shaving process. Some of the shaving products have essential oils that go further and nourish the skin. All these aspects make the Shaving Creams and Shaving Soaps that we sell leaps and bounds better than any aerosol cream that can be bought.

    Shaving Cream vs Shaving Soap

    Both Shaving creams and shaving soaps are made to be lathered with a shaving brush. The main difference between them is how to lather the different products. Creams need to be lathered in a separate container than what they were stored in, like a shaving bowl. A small amount of cream goes a long way. If you lather directly in the container the cream comes in, you will end up using too much cream for each shave, and it will not last long. Shaving soaps are hard, and are made to lather directly on the surface of the soap puck. Shaving soap takes a little longer to lather up.

    Creating a lather with Shaving Products

    To create a lather, place the shaving cream, soap, or croap into a shaving bowl. Wet your brush with warm water, shake out most of the water, and begin working the product in a circular motion with the brush. A lather will begin to form. Use the brush to apply and work the lather onto your face. Brushless shaving creams do not lather and can be applied directly to your face.