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Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20
Buy One Aftershave, Get One Aftershave 20% Off. Use Code: BOGO20

Le Pere Lucien Shaving Soap, Rose de Puskar

  • Traditional Shaving soap
  • Vegetable-based
  • Scented with rose, geranium, white musk

Inspired by the Grandfather (Pere) Lucien, the Lelegard family is producing soaps in the traditional way, but always with modern standards. Located in Teillet-Argenty in the heart of France, the mother/son team is crafting cold process soaps that care about the environment and keep the virtues of the plants intact. No preservative, no colorings.

This artisan soft shaving soap is made in the French tradition. The 100% vegetable oil recipe contains coconut oil, lavender, eucalyptus, salvia and glycerin, which help to soften the beard and hydrate the skin during shaving. This updated version also includes shea butter of an easier lather. The rich, creamy lather lends itself to a pampering shave. Pro tip: leave this tin open permanently to ensure that the soap dries and remains hard for more shaves.

This rose aroma is delicate and balanced. Notes of rose, geranium, and white musk make it a house favorite. Like a rose still on the stem, this is a fresh, full aroma but not overbearing.

Handmade in France