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12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals! Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves Splashes
12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals! Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves Splashes

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What are the best shaving kits for beginners?

Trying one of West Coast Shaving’s Build Your Own Shaving Kits is a great way to start for beginners. First, we have narrowed down the options so that you aren’t overwhelmed as you decide what you need. Second, by bundling your purchase, you can save some serious change. Third, there is a whole world of choices out there once you dip your toes in the waters of wet shaving, so grabbing a shaving kit like this gets you started and allows you to expand at your leisure.

What comes in a shaving kit for men? What comes in a shaving kit for women?

Shaving kits for men and women will not be that different. Razor, razor blades, brush, and lubricant (shaving soap / shaving cream) are fairly universal items in every kit. Some differences that you might discover in specific shaving kits might be the razor handle length. Woman wet shavers sometimes prefer a long handle for longer strokes over legs. Colors, scents, and add-ons might differ from kit to kit as well so you can pick the one that is right for you.

What comes in a safety razor shaving kit?

A safety razor shaving kit can be an excellent and economical way to break into the wet shaving gig. The most basic kit will likely contain a brush, safety razor with blades, and shaving soap / shaving cream. With these items you should be able to complete the necessary steps for classic wet shaving - from whipping up the lather, to applying it to your face, to shaving.

Many safety razor kits come with additional items to enhance your shave. Shaving stands for razor and/or brush, mugs/bowls for whipping up a lather, and aftershave splashes are common add-ons.

Can I custom build my shaving kit?

At West Coast Shaving, we are all about giving you options, so we have created Build You Own Shaving Kits that allow you to customize your picks and create the custom shaving kit that is right for you. You can choose a best-selling razor, brush, and cream in the right color & scent to meet your needs.

What comes in a straight razor shaving kit?

When you are looking to break into the cut throat shaving game, choosing a straight razor shaving kit can be an economical and stress-free way to take the plunge. Straight razor shaving can be intimidating on multiple levels, so take some of the anxiety out of the purchasing phase so you can just focus on the shave. Most kits, including the WCS straight razor kits, include a razor, brush, strop, and shaving cream/soap. All that you need to get started on this manly art.