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Ariana & Evans Shaving Soap

24 reviews
Color: L'Orange Verte
  • Shaving soap (formula current as of Jan 2020) with beef tallow, goat's milk, and more
  • Scented with bergamot, pear, dried fruits, tobacco, tonka bean, coffee, jasmine, sandalwood & cedar wood
  • This shaving soap has a matching aftershave splash

This Ariana & Evans brand is all about treating you to fabulous products enhanced with fine fragrances. Peter Charkalis is the man behind the vision. He has worked to create better and better products to serve you. 

This shaving soap is their latest update. It boasts a phenomenal ingredient list with beef tallow, goat’s milk, lanolin, and bentonite clay. In addition a long list of butters and oils combine for a great post-shave face feel. It whips up a rich, dense, protective lather the consistency of greek yogurt. 

Choose from the following fragrances:

Kaizen - It is a very bright, fruity aroma perfect for summer. While most A&E scents have a hint of darkness, this one is sunny, happy, and sweet. The label also reflects Ariana & Evans sensibilities with an Asian influence that is whimsical, edgy, attention-grabbing. Scent Notes: Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Neroli, Honeysuckle, Green Apple, Rose, Tobacco Absolute, Haitian Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Grecian Horse - Grecian Horse is a fougere (a perfume classification for an aroma that is usually fern-like with floral notes and a woody base). This take is a unique twist with top notes of bergamot and almond with a sweet, spicy floral heart that furthers a marzipan feel. Then a muted, masculine base adds notes of amber and sandalwood. As A&E says, "Grecian Horse will get you noticed and leave a lasting impression of class, power and refined masculinity." 

L'Orange Verte - Who doesn't love a citrus forward soap? Well, if you like that bright citrus pop, A&E has upped the ante by adding a bit of earthiness to round out the fragrance. The result is a "soft (not weak), sophisticated, clean, complex" scent. Two types of orange, lemon, and bergamot take the lead, but then a black pepper and lavender note add a new twist. The warm, inviting oakmoss base with touches of patchouli soften and deepen the aroma.

Asian Plum - This fragrance from A&E is a complex, fruity offering with a masculine base. Notes of plum and dried fruits provide a sweet start but notes tobacco, tonka bean, coffee, vanilla, and a hint of plumeria round out the aroma. 

St. Barts - Love the rhythm of the island: steel drum bands, umbrella drinks, turquoise waters? When you can’t get there, bring it home with this tropical scent inspired by Creed Virgin Island Water. Notes of fresh lime and light coconut blend with mandarin, bergamot, Indian jasmine, sweet hibiscus, ylang-ylang, and ginger. All this is laid on a base of sugar cane, musk, sandalwood, and white rum. Yum! I mean, ahhhhhhh!

Khalifa - This exotic, mysterious fragrance is aptly named, Khalifa (an Islamic leader of a caliphate). It is a dark aroma: smoky and rich. Notes of resins, tobacco, vanilla, oud, coffee, and incense create this scent. 

Summer Fig - One of the sweet smells, sights, and tastes of summer is a tree-ripened fig. Ariana & Evans has taken that inspiration and blended it with bergamot, tangerine, and jasmine for a summery vibe. Then base notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, & musk round out this complex aroma.

Spartacus - The aroma is a complex, masculine delight to the senses. If a name like Spartacus evokes images of power and strength, then you wouldn’t be far off. This is a scent inspired by Creed’s Avenus so it boasts notes of bergamot, black currant, apple, pineapple, pinkberries, birch, patchouli, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, ambergris, and vanilla.

Which One's Pink - Like all Ariana & Evans scents this is a complex aroma. It is a warm, sensual fragrance with an oriental flare. Top notes of pink pepper, pink grapefruit, bergamot, & tangerine blend into a heart of coriander, lavender, cinnamon, pink rose, myrrh, black currant, and berries. But this scent still isn’t done. A base of sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, amber, patchouli, musk, and vanilla provide a pleasing, powdery finish.

Barbiere Sofisticato - Looking for a sophisticated barbershop aroma? Then Ariana & Evans has you covered. This complex scent has classic powdery barbershop notes with an added complexity. It will have you imagining sitting back in a leather reclining chair and trusting yourself to the professional's blade. 

Choco Cubano - Oh yeah, this one is decadent, delicious, and even a little dirty. Although it boasts gourmand scents of citrus, vanilla, fig, and chocolate, it is much more complex than that. Additional notes of incense, cedar, sandalwood, and tobacco bring in a spicy, woody, tobacco note -- like after-dinner truffles with a good cigar in a Havana club.

Tertius - Ariana & Evans created this scent for the Spanish Shavers Group. Their inspiration is a painting by Velázquez called Surrender of Breda. It shows the Spanish Tercio accepting the surrender of the Dutch. 

Tertius (Latin) and Tercio (Spanish) both mean third and that sentiment is reflected in this triumvirate of scents. Leather, tobacco, and oud  are supported by just a hint of rose & patchouli.

Forbidden Fruit - With a scent named Forbidden Fruit, what do you expect? Well, this complex aroma isn’t just fruity. No, it is stocked with a plethora of vices. Notes of apple and black currant speak to the fruit, but  brandy, cannabliss, hashish, & coffee add more complexity. It is all laid on a base of resin, oud, sandalwood, & cedarwood. 

Asian Pear - As expected pear takes the lead in this follow up to  A&E’s very successful Asian Plum. It bears a bit of resemblance to its cousin, but it is less floral. Instead, it focuses on dried fruit notes, tonka, tobacco, sandalwood, with just a hint of coffee. 

Cannabliss Santal - Don’t be quick to dismiss this Cannabliss scent as novelty or one-off. It is actually a lovely, rich, herbaceous aroma that brings a once-fringe product to the mainstream. It balances a spicy, herbal note with a soft, floral and rum note. Then the cannabis note lays on a base of cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli to round out this masculine aroma. Give it a try. 

Peach & Cognac - Sun-ripened peach, rich boozy cognac, earthy woods, and a hint of spice. What’s not to love in this fragrance. It is complex, with a gourmand twist. It boasts bergamot, lemon, two different peach notes, orange blossom, cognac, tobacco absolute, mimosa, leather, vanilla, dried fruits, oakmoss, sandalwood, and Himilayan cedar. An absolute dream!

Cuban Highball - This fragrance is inspired by the Cuban Highball, a mojito. This cocktail dates back to the days of Sir Francis Drake and relies on products found on the island. Rum, lime, cane sugar, and mint combine for a delight drink -- or a delightful shave. This scent is similar to A&E’s Frozen mojito but they spiked it with a bit more booze and, of course, a tobacco note of a Cuban cigar.

The Undersea - The aroma is a journey. Notes of Calabrian bergamot from Italy, grapefruit from Japan,  cedar from the Himalayas. Then notes of exotic osmanthus, watercress, black pepper, honeysuckle, violet leaf, jasmine are joined with a marine note that inspires the name. Finally a base of ambergris, white musk, amber, and myrrh round out this scent.

Strawberry Fields - This fragrance was born out of an experience that Peter had during a training trip to NYC where he encountered a cannabis truck and a very memorable strawberry infused joint. He sought to replicate the aroma as a companion to Ariana & Evan’s already popular Cannabliss fragrance. Strawberry Fields is a rich, spicy aroma. A fresh strawberry note melts into soft florals and a hint of rum. This is laid on a base of cedarwood, sandalwood, and just a touch of patchouli.

London Gin Club - This fragrance is a nod to a classic cocktail. As a crisp, clean fragrance, it has notes of gin & juniper, but it isn’t just booze. It is a luscious combination of lime, black pepper, juniper berry, and an amazing gin note. But then a base of cardamom, leather, and vetiver round out this scent.

Revolution - This scent may just revolutionize your shave. There is nothing passive about this fragrance. It comes at you with notes of peppery citrus (bergamot & grapefruit) which charges into leather, pink pepper, tobacco, vetiver, and a hint of gunpowder for depth and smokiness. Take back your shave. Viva la revolution.

Ouddiction - If you can’t resist the aroma of oud, let Ariana & Evans feed your addiction. In this spicy, Middle-East inspired accord, you get notes of rich cinnamon, honey, and vanilla at the start. Then notes of rose, tobacco absolute, and oud are laid on a base of saffron, sandalwood, & patchouli.

Size: 4oz.

Made in the USA

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Beef Tallow, Goats Milk, Shea Butter, Potassium Hydroxide, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Glycerin, Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Manteca (Pig Fat), Strangisto Giaourti (strained yogurt), Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Camellia Oil from Japan, Sodium Hydroxide, Lanolin, Agave, Bentonite Clay, Beeswax, Sodium Lactate, Argan Oil, Fragrance & EO's

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Eric J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
Great Service with a great soap

I had previously thought I was ordering this soap when they were on special. When the soap arrived, I saw it was not what I had intended to buy, and checked my order only to find out that I mistakenly ordered the wrong soap. I contacted West Coast Shaving and explained my dilemma to them and fully expected them to say they were sorry, but that there wasn't anything that they could do. Instead, they offered me free shipping to offset the cost of my mistake. The soap is one of the slickest soaps that I have found. My razor glides over the skin with nary a tug at all. I am a Mitchell's Wool Fat die hard fan. A&E may just lure me away from The Fat.

United States United States
I recommend this product
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
A&E Fig

Awesome lather and slickness. Really disappointing scent. I grew up climbing fig trees and it smells more like dryer sheets than anything. My first negative experience with A&E.

robert s.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
great lather

excellent shave soap with truly unbelievable lather

Paul C.
United States United States
Outstanding shave soap

This soap is amazing! A&E is typically very tobacco oriented; however, Revolution is the perfect blend of clean yet musky with a hint of citrus. Very masculine scent that lasts most of the work day when paired with the splash. Very pleased with Revolution, good job A&E I will be back.

United States United States
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value

A really good shave soap has to score highly on numerous metrics: slickness, cushion, doesn't dry out, hydration, value, ease of use and the general shave experience. Moreover, all things are relative and you can't compare apples to oranges. A&E shave soaps are tallow based so I compared Kaizen and one other to my tallow soft soap staple Cella. First the scent: it is not strong enough to cover up the beef tallow scent and this can make you gag if you are sensitive to it. It is as easy to load and lather as Cella but here is where things fall apart. Its slickness is poor in comparison so it results in a rough shave causing your aftershave to sting. I often get a weeper with thus soap and never with Cella or even VDH! Cushioning is fine. It lasts a long time and doesn't dry out. Post shave feel is OK, but it does not rinse off cleanly and leaves a mess in the sink compared to Cella. Kaizen and its A&E brethren suffer from the problems of most super fatted soaps without many redeeming qualities. The overall shave experience is not pleasant. Considering the price differential between this soap and Cella I can not recommend it and will be giving it away. The package design is excellent! Tedolph