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    Samuel F.
    • Value for Money

    Face Lathering

    Improved density and backbone from my Duke 3 that I had for 4 years. The handle is small and not good for bowl lathering; however, I'm a face latherer and knew this going in. The best badger hair is soft and has the right amount of scritch for exfoliating. It's more bulb shaped than the Duke 3 I had. Great value for this brush.

    Jacob M.
    • Value for Money

    Great brush

    As previously noted, the Chubby is a well established icon of shaving brushes. Simpson quality, thick knot, holds plenty of shave cream for extra passes or clean up. That's what you get. Obviously the price for a good simpsons brush is higher than for other brands. If you're looking for a good brush to move up from a starter or to get started wet shaving, you may consider getting a silvertip WCS brush for half the price. You get a lot of brush for the money with the WCS products. But if you've already got a good every day brush, and your looking to expand the collection, you really can't go wrong adding a simpsons Chubby to the roatation. If you're going to stick with wet shaving, you'll want one eventually either way.

    • Value for Money

    Totally Excellent!

    First, Thank you Kim for all your help, especially for selecting an outstanding brush! This is my fifth Simpson's, so I must be a huge fan. Others still in the stable are a Duke 2, Classic 2 and 57. My preference is to face lather hard soaps. This Chubby 1 in best fits in well. On the face it feels a bit less dense than my Classic 2 because of the lower loft. It is decidedly more dense than my Duke or 57. Although this Chubby is considered as best grade! It has very soft tips a d could classify as super grade (or silver tip in other lines). This is a great soap brush! Like my Classic, this Cuubby takes a lot of fuel and, as expected, it tends to hold onto the lather. It still provides enough lather for 4/5 passes if wanted. Definitely a keeper!

    Mad Man

    The Cadillac of Brushes

    Like the title of the review this brush is the equivalent of a big, heavy V-8 chugging machine. It needs a ton of soap to generate a lather, costs a small fortune to acquire & but envelops you in luxury and comfort. It's considered an icon for a reason - and like all true icons has it's "haters". Sure, the Duke is cheaper, the Colonels and 50 series more accessible - but you'll always feel that you somehow compromised. And life is too short for that friends. Get a Chubby.