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15% Off $125+ • 10% Off $75+ • 8% Off $50 +
15% Off $125+ • 10% Off $75+ • 8% Off $50 +

Sponges & Bath Accessories

Want to make your showering experience even more luxurious? Add a natural sponge or shower brush, and you will feel like you've gone to the spa without ever leaving home.

  • Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt-OP-BAU-13846-West Coast Shaving

    Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt

    6 Reviews

    Coarse, exfoliating mitt Made with horsehair Handwoven We're not going to kid you.  This Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt is not for sissies. Think...

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  • Baudelaire Bath Sponge, Boxed Large-OP-BAU-13801-West Coast Shaving

    Baudelaire Bath Sponge, Boxed Large

    3 reviews

    Natural sponge Great gift for anyone in your life Harvested from the Gulf of Mexico There's nothing quite as nice for starting off your busy day ...

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