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    Straight Razors

    Ready to go cut throat? Straight Razor shaving is the most traditional way to get your shave. Shop our Top 10 and Newest Straight Razors or browse our exclusive selection of traditional, vintage, and replaceable blade straights.

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      Straight Razor Education

      Many wet shave enthusiasts believe these straight blades offer the ultimate close shave and swear your face stays smooth longer. Straight razor shaving is an art that many shavers are readopting. A large sharpened piece of steel on your face is the ultimate vintage way to shave.

      Types of Straight Razors

      Traditional straight razors: what most people think of when they think of straight razors. It is one piece of metal that needs to be sharpened through honing and stropping in order to maintain its edge. Because the manufacturing of traditional straight razors is a very manual process and not many manufacturers are able to create quality blades, the price tends to be high. 

      Vintage Straight Razors: We teamed up with a Straight Razor master honer to bring you restored straight razors. These Straight Razors are the same traditional straights that you know, but they are older- sometimes up to 100 years old. We refurbish them, and guarantee their performance. These are a great way to get into traditional straight razors without breaking the bank.

      Replaceable blade/ disposable straight razors have the same basic shape as traditional straight razors, but they shave using a disposable razor blade. They are often called "shavette" razors. These straight razors require much less maintenance, are made of varying materials, and are at a lower price point.

      Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel

      Carbon steel is able to get much sharper than stainless steel, but it also dings and rusts much easier- so it requires a little more maintenance. If you go with a carbon steel straight razor, make sure to allow the blade to dry after every shave and to strop regularly.

      5/8" or 6/8"

      The width of the straight razor is usually measured in 8ths of inches. We recommend 5/8 - 6/8 which is in the middle of weight and size. You need the weight of the razor so that it can have the heft needed to cut though your hair, but you do not want a razor that is too hard to handle. Once you get a better feel for the straight razors, then it could be fun to take on a much larger blade.