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Boker Elite Carbon SE 2.0 Straight Razor, Honed

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SKU SR-BOK-140545-H
  • Straight razor
  • HONED Carbon steel blade with Spanish point
  • Black carbon fiber scales

Boker knows a thing or two about looking sharp! This manufacturer has been making blades for knives, razors, scissors and more for centuries. 

Description from the Vendor

Boker is a well-known name in the City of Blades, Solingen, Germany. Handcrafted razors and knives displaying the sign of the famous Chestnut Tree are coveted for their good looks and excellent performance. Hand-ground and assembled in Solingen, Germany.

Tradition meets the modern age. At the end of the 19th century, especially extravagant straight razors were sold under the brand "Boker Elite." We want to continue the tradition with this exceptional line of straight razors. The handle
scales of these impressive models are CNC-milled from a block of the high tech material carbon fiber, and the massive 6/8" blade features two bevels on the blade back.

The manually contoured carbon fiber handle of this Special Edition goes perfectly with the elaborately ground blade spine and Spanish point. The CNC-milled carbon fiber scales are polished to achieve a subtle sheen and highlight the special texture of this high end material. Another highlight is the center element of red G10. Comes in historic packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

Size: 6/8" 

Most straight razors are not pre-sharpened from the factory. This razor will be opened and honed by our honemeister.