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Dovo 6/8" Straight Razor with Black Handle

24 reviews
  • Classic straight razor from Dovo
  • 6/8", half hollow grind carbon blade boasts the Col Conk logo
  • Simple, stylish black acrylic scales (handle)

Coming out of the legendary blade-making region of Solingen, Germany, Dovo bring exceptional straight razors to the world. For over one hundred years, the master craftsmen at Dovo have been honing sabers, scissors, shaving essentials, and more. For this grooming requisite, Dovo teamed up with Colonel Ichabod Conk. Check out the Dovo 6/8" Straight Razor with Black Handle.

This is an elegantly simple, entry level straight razor. At 6/8" half hollow grind it is great for experienced wet shavers as well. The high carbon steel keeps its edge well. But it will need stropping and honing to maintain the edge for the long-haul. But with the correct care, it will be a life-long instrument in your grooming arsenal. Proper care includes rinsing the entire razor with clear water after use and drying it thoroughly.

The blade boasts the Col. Conk logo and the black handle is simple and well-balanced. Make your first straight a Dovo straight!

  • Size: 6/8"
  • Grind: Half Hollow
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Scales: Black Acrylic
  • Marking: Dovo Best Quality and Col Ichabod Conk

Dovo Straight Razors come with a factory edge that they guarantee for 2 years. Many customers find that they want a sharper edge than what comes from the factory, which can be accomplished through additional professional honing. We work with a professional honer, Max, who can add that edge to the razor. If you would like Max to hone your razor, please select the option from the drop down. (There is no delay in shipping it you choose this option.)

Made in Solingen, Germany

Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 24 Reviews
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John K.
United States United States

Great experience

United States United States
Dovo 6/8" Straight Razor with Black Handle

Better than a Gold Dollar by far.

Jacob R.
United States United States
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A Good Straight to Transition from Shavettes

I'd been using a Parker SRW (w/ Shark "Saloon" blades) for a significant number of years and I was not unhappy with that razor, Shark blades, or the shave I was able to get out of it. I wholeheartedly suggest a new-to-straight-razor guy start w/ a shavette - almost any shavette - before investing the money and the time learning w/ a solid straight; some people may scoff that they're "training wheels" or a shortcut or a whatever but those people are silly and shouldn't be giving advice. Not having to worry about whether my razor was sharp or not allowed me to focus on technique first and I wouldn't trade that. But as my supply of Sharks started to dwindle, I was at a crossroads. Keep shaving w/ a shavette or pony up and buy a "real" straight razor? After agonizing about shape, size, and grind, I chose the Dovo 6/8" and I'm mostly happy with my choice. Had I to do over again, I think I would have been happier w/ a 5/8" instead as the 6 feels a little too heavy and wide on my face. That said, it follows my cheeks really well (which I guess is the point) and I'm very satisfied with my shaves in the two months I've had it. I don't know that I'd spring for the extra honing again; I found the razor caught on my whiskers quite a bit on the first shave but with extra stropping on subsequent ones it's now cutting very well. Overall, a good starting razor and a good value bought from West Coast Shaving.

Darcy C.
United States United States
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Do I 6/8 straight razor

Very happy with this purchase

James H.
United States United States
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
All the straight razor I need

The rounded 'beginner' ends of the edge and superior steel make stropping very effective, and the 6/8 depth makes it easy to control the position and angle. It produces the closest shave ever. I am 78 years old. Anything more for me would just be for the pleasure of fancier scales and blade.