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    • Blade holder
    • Works with Dovo shavette handles
    • Clear holder uses 1/2 of a DE blade

    From the legendary land of Solingen, Germany comes blades and razors worthy of the master craftsmen who produce them. Dovo is upholding this legacy with their great grooming products. They have all you need to get your start on a wet shaving adventure. If you are venturing into the world of straight razors but aren't quite ready to pull the trigger on an expensive blade that you must hone and strop. Then you might like the shavette option. That is what this holder it for: Dovo Shavette Clear Holder.

    Once you have the handle of a shavette, this holder will keep your favorite blade in place. This clear option replaces the red option that Dovo used to offer. It holds 1/2 of any DE razor blade, so you get a fresh, sharp edge without the mess and hassle of a stone and strop.

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