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    Benedict H.
    • Value for Money

    An excellent straight

    The short version: This is a very easy to use, aggressive straight razor that is expertly designed and crafted. This is an excellent razor and I would recommend it to anyone from someone new to straight razors (myself) to experts. Before we start, my level of straight razor shaving is close to none. I attempted it with some genuine straights (not shavettes) and all they did was pull on my beard. I also found them to be ungainly and clumsy to use. They were too big where I didn't want them to be big and the handles were too long. It was difficult to get my technique and an overall painful experience. I wanted to restart though. My neck is extremely sensitive and I keep hearing about how straights are excellent for that issue. The Japanese straights solved the length issue. They were not lying either. Straight razors are excellent for shaving necks. It was between the SS and the DX and I went with the DX. I will probably pick up the SS too. Other reviews I read say they are both great and the blades are interchangeable. First off, I think I need to mention the grip. I wouldn't typically include this in a review, but it is so different from holding a straight that if you don't understand how to hold it, you won't have a good time. You hold this razor like you would hold a knife. You pinch it where the blade tapers to the handle, just above the razor blade. This allow maximum control over the blade, making it very easy to maneuver. The blade is a nearly perfect length. It isn't so long as to make finding flat surfaces on my face difficult but it is longer (and sharper) than a DE blade by about half. It is also wide enough to make shaving my upper lip relatively easy, though I still have problems with it. The DX is pure joy to use. It is terrifying at first but one I found the proper angles to use on my side burns, it glides. It contours to my neck once I figured out how to hold it and stretch my skin the correct way. Also, because it is so sharp and the blade is so exposed, I find that I self limit pressure. By the second shave, I had no razor burn, even on my neck. I also love not having to worry about honing. I understand this isn't a genuine straight razor, but it is really easy to use and it is really pleasant. The blades are extremely sharp and glide easily over my skin. My wife is happy that I get to remove shaving stuff from our house. It is a win-win. I should also mention that the DX is very aggressive. I used the blades that attempt to prevent nicks and nearly the entire honed surface is exposed. This might be to mimic a genuine straight razor experience. This is also pure stainless, so it doesn't rust. In my apartment, anything that can rust in the bathroom, does. It is also trivially simple to take apart and clean but the blade stays held in place. Basically, with this razor, you get what you pay for and then some.