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Personna Monsieur Charles No. 800 Razor

5 Reviews
  • straight-edge razor
  • disposable blades
  • popular with professional barbers

Personna keeps you sharp. And with their Monsieur Charles No. 800 razor there is no excuse for a dull blade again. For those straight razor aficionados out there, this grooming essential has all the charm of an old world shave with the convenience of modern blades.

If you love your straight razor, but hate to sharpen it, then you will love this razor. Instead of spending time and money on a strop, you can simply insert a new, factory sharp blade whenever you need it. On the go or at home, you can guarantee a close shave.

This razor has a red, translucent handle that is specially designed to take most single edge injector blades. It has more substance and weight to it than other disposable straight edges so it has a more traditional feel. The solid, well-balanced tool acts like a conventional straight edge to give you what you need in your grooming routine. Designed to fit with the Personna Mini Shaper Injector Blades, the blades change out easily and hold tightly. Blades are not included.

Extremely popular with barbers who have to swap out blades between costumers for sanitation reasons, the same convenience can be yours - a quality shave every time.

Size: 3 x 2 x 3 inches, razor only (blades not included)

Made in China

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Rob S.
  • Value for Money

Blade length and exposure make this a lousy design

The good: Look, weight, and feel; the cut accomplished by the Personna mini blades; safety of using "injector style" blades And now the bad....... The Personna mini blades are much shorter than the length of the blade holder. The blades are also held in such a way that they barely stick out from the non-blade portion (for lack of a better term) of the holder. It is pretty much flush with this part of the holder. The result is that you get a decent shave wherever the blade glides across your skin, but you end of wiping away about 1/2 to 1 full inch of lather with this non-blade part. This can prove to be frustrating, as it requires you to re-lather EVEN ON THE FIRST PASS!! I have been able to find a way to reduce this slightly by changing the way I hold the razor and changing the sequence of areas I am shaving on the face and neck. But it feels unusual and unnatural compared to my normal routine with any other straight or shavette. I am actually considering grinding down with razor myself to provide more blade exposure. If this razor had the same overall design but accepted a full-size Personna blade, Feather AC type blade, or the longer dovo DE blades, this issue would be avoided, while still giving this razor the look, feel, and weight of a traditional cutthroat razor. For the above reason, I would not recommend this razor for regular use. It's good either as a novelty item or perhaps only for shaving above the lip.

Andy A.
  • Value for Money

love it

I love it!! Great experience!!!

Mara E.

Beautiful razor

I was surprised it came with no blades.

Rianne H.
  • Value for Money

I recommend this razor completely!

I recommend this razor completely! It is really easy to put the re usable blades in and has a nice handle on it! Which makes for an easier shave. It makes a great gift and is definitely worth the price!

Robert H.
  • Value for Money

I like. I'm a barber

I like. I'm a barber and I'm Robert Hills wife,I like it very much for customers