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    Wet Shaving Gifts Under $25

    Check out this collection of items that won't break the budget. At priced at $25 or under, there is something for everyone on your gift-giving list.

    Superior double edge razor blade Stainless steel, platinum coated for smoothness 20 packs of 5 blades = 100 blades After the fall of the iron curtain and with the privatization of companies throughout the Soviet Bloc, Gillette acquired Astra, manufacturing...


    High quality leather case made exclusively for West Coast Shaving Brown, two-toned leather with fold-and-snap closure Case only, does not include a razor You've made an investment in good tools to enhance your wet shaving. Now, you need to make...

    $18.98 $15.18

    The West Coast Shaving 312 is another true classic stand to house your grooming gear. The chrome stand with etched chevron/triangle design is beautiful, as well as functional, being designed to hold both your razor and shaving brush. It has...

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    The "letterk" DE Blade Sample pack. This pack provides a convenient way to sample the most popular DE razor blades to find your favorite. The Extended Pack contains all of our most popular blades. Includes the following blades: Merkur Super...

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    $15.18 $12.14

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    $18.98 $15.18

    We're at it again! Testing, reviewing, experimenting to bring you an exceptional shaving soap. We've commissioned a vegan, lather monster with incredible scents to tempt your SSAD (shaving soap acquisition disorder). Try out these crazy awesome soaps from West Coast...

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    $21.98 $17.58

    Traditional shaving brush New Black Synthetic Hair Elegant black resin handle Bringing wet shaving to the masses is a high priority for us here at West Coast Shaving. We want to source and create grooming goods that allow you to...

    $22.98 $18.38

    Hybrid of Aftershave & Cologne. Nourishes like aftershave; Scent stays like cologne. Alcohol-based Notes of ginger, citrus, white pepper, vetiver, mint, cedar, amber, & musk. Check it- WCS has aftershaves! We've been working with artisans, testers, and our own noses...

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    $23.96 $19.17

    High quality stainless steel razor with black coating Textured handle for grip and beauty Choose a black-coated head in closed comb Since 2007, West Coast Shaving has been meeting the grooming needs of discerning men with luxurious, hard to find,...


    sample of popular aftershaves 6 different scents 10 ml of each aroma When you delve into this wet shaving business, you might start to get lost in the weeds. So many products, so little time. One of the passions of...