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Wholly Kaw

Perhaps no other shaving soap maker today has put more thought and testing into their soaps than WhollyKaw. Natural, vegan, environmentally conscious, exceptional lather, fantastic scents have been developed through meticulous effort and extensive peer review. From the production, to the product, to the fragrance, you get an exceptional grooming adventure. They take their craft seriously. All ingredients are as vegan, organic, and natural as possible. In areas where a material is banned or harmful, they might use a synthetic version but only with full disclosure. You can be sure that what you are putting on your skin is simple goodness. From soaps to aftershave, no parabens, no chemical sulfates, no animal products, no tallow, no lanolin, and no dyes are used to create these grooming requisites. The result of all this hard work is a rich, thick lathering soap with cushion, glide, slickness, and protection and a simple, effective aftershave splash. Their fragrances are also complex and creative. They seek to create the most all natural product they possible can, with simple ingredients and fabulous performance. What more could you want for your shave?

  • Wholly Kaw Skin Care Face Cream, Lait Ecreme-West Coast Shaving

    Wholly Kaw Skin Care Face Cream, Lait Ecreme

    Soothing face cream with donkey milk Easily absorbed to reduce dryness Enhances health, clearness, & resiliency of the skin If you are lookin...

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  • Wholly Kaw Eau de Parfum, Fougere Bouquet
    Sold out

    Wholly Kaw Eau de Parfum, Fougere Bouquet

    Eau de Parfum from Wholly Kaw Strong, all day scent Scented with Fougere Bouquet: oakmoss, lavendar, bergamot, sandalwood, cedar, tonka bean, musk...

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