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BOGO 30% Off Aftershaves
BOGO 30% Off Aftershaves

Women’s Bath

Time to pamper yourself! Grab our bath accessories, bath salts, bath bombs, and more to turn your tub into a treat. Luxuriate in natural, high quality, artisan-made products.

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What are bath accessories for women?

Our bath accessories category has everything you need to make your bath time into spa time. We have bath soaks, bombs, and salts as well as sponges, loofahs, and mitts. All our products are selected to bring you the best-in-brand to love the skin you’re in.

How can I make my bath more enjoyable?

While we don’t sell floating wine glasses or recirculating bath tubs, we do sell items that focus on making your bath enjoyable, by pampering your skin. For example, get some of our natural bath soaps.  Or, use a natural sponge, loofah, or mitt to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Select a favorite bath salt, soak, or bomb that will change your tap water into a healing, aromatic bath. Turn cleansing into soul healing as you soak away your stress.

What is the difference between bath bombs & bath salts?

  • Bath Bombs get their name because when they hit the water they begin to fizz. This is the result of a chemical reaction that occurs when baking soda and citric acid are mixed with water. The bomb begins dissolving and fills your bath with bubbles of carbon dioxide.
  • Bath Salts are usually epsom & other salts combined with fragrances or other skin nourishing goodies that dissolve into the water and make it soft.

What is the difference between bath soaks & bath salts?

  • A bath salt is pretty self-descriptive. Salts, usually but not limited to epsom, are combined with fragrances and other skin nourishing ingredients and are dissolved in your bath. The benefits include boosting circulation throughout the body, lowering blood pressure, and relieving muscle aches to name a few.
  • Bath soaks, however, aren’t as clearly defined. Some bath soaks are synonymous with bath salts, but others don’t include any salts at all. They are a blend of other ingredients intended to dissolve in water and nourish your skin.