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  • A folding comb to fit nicely in a pocket
  • Full-sized when unfolded so you can get the full experience
  • Hand-sawed, rounded, flexible teeth for all hair types

Since 1777, this family owned business has been turning out some of the world's finest brushes. Recognized by the granting of royal warrants from no less than nine reigns, Kent has an unbroken record of excellence. From hair, teeth, fabric, and shaving brushes to handmade, distinctive combs, they have you covered. 

On the go or at home, Kent helps you keep it together. Their men's folding pocket comb is just what you need. The tortoiseshell comb is 200mm total length when open, so you get a full-sized comb. But with a simple fold, you have a comb that fits perfectly in your pocket. The sleeve serves as protection to prevent the teeth from breaking or bending. 

The strong teeth are great for tackling tangles in any hair length. And it is a fine toothed comb so you can get out all the knots. Kent is committed to making products that last and last. Their quality can be felt when you wield this trusty grooming essential. The teeth are hand-sawed and rounded so they won't damage hair and scalp. 

Look your best no matter where you adventures take you. Keep your Kent brush within reach with this Men's folding pocket comb.

Size: 200mm 

Made in the UK