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Summer Curated Selection

Hello, wet shaving nation. Here we are in the dog days of summer – fireworks, All-star break, vacations, watermelon, bbq’s, swimming pools. How are you spending your long days? If you are looking for a way to beat the heat, check out these favorites from West Coast Shaving’s guru, Eric. He takes a look at shaving creams, aftershaves, and more to make your summer spectacular. (And you can use them year ‘round to evoke the hazy, lazy days of summer, even when the snow flies.)

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Shaving Soap/Cream:

  • Chiseled Face Summer Storm (soap/splash) - this reminds me of the few years I lived in the Midwest. It was not uncommon to wake up to a humid, hot, cloudy morning. Within a few minutes, the sky seemed to take on a mysterious hue, and Poseidon’s land-dwelling brother would release a torrential downpour upon our Missourian hills. Notes of moist earth, oakmoss, cut grass, pine needles, orange, lemon, ozone, white jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and musk. This is earthy and complex, all the way around. An artisanal croap created just a few miles from our shop, this is a must try for the summer.
  • Mickey Lee Soapworks, Kraken - one of the cleanest scents I know of. Artisan and California residents Eric and Sammy have taken a classic barbershop scent, and added notes of kelp, salty air, and agave. This reminds me of an early-morning cut and shave at a 50’s barbershop, front doors open toward the ocean breeze. With some of the best residual slickness and post-shave feel on the market, we highly recommend you check this out.
  • Dr. Jon’s Natural Vegan Shaving Soap, Savannah Sunrise - Dr. Jon’s has recently come out with their “Vol. 2” shaving soap formula, packed with shea and mango butter, avocado, castor, coconut, evening primrose, and meadowfoam oils to make this incredibly natural and comfortable soap. These oils and butters create a ridiculously slick soap base and, with the aid of the mango and shea butters, will give you an incredible post shave feel. Notes of Ripe orange, peach, gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle make this a perfect soap for the summer.
  • Reef Point Soapworks, Admiralty - Reef Point shaving soaps feature an incredibly slick soap base that is very, very easy to lather. It does quite well in soft and hard water alike, and has a wide range of water content that will still yield a great lather, so this will be great for all users! Admiralty is a very summer-forward scent, but is quite well-rounded. The main note of Japanese Yuzu make this a very citrusy scent up front, but is well rounded with an added depth of peppercorn, amber, musk and sandalwood.
  • The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company, Santa Monica Bay Rum - As the name implies, this artisan shaving soap is produced in good ol’ L.A., by fellow wet shaver John Brown. This is a vegan soap base that is reflective of John’s lifestyle. The base is reminiscent of that found in one of the most high-end shaving soaps on the market: needing only mere seconds to load the brush, further lathering is very quick and will produce an incredibly slick resulting lather. If you’ve been turned off by Bay rum scents in the past, I urge you to give this one a try. As with all of his soap scents, John uses only natural essential oils to mature and add complexity to this bay scent containing West Indies Bay Essential Oil, Dark Rum, Vanilla and Orange Extracts, Balsam Tolu Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Sweet Myrrh Essential Oil, Lemon and Anise Extracts, and Ho Wood Essential Oil.
  • Stirling Soap Company, Margaritas in the Arctic (soap/splash) - This soap/aftershave combo will remind you of your favorite citrus, boozy summer drink to - quite literally - help you chill out. Lime, lemon, and orange make this a great, simple, refreshing scent and, with a fair dose of menthol to boot, this will be the perfect skin-bracing soap to start off your summer day. The aftershave splash adds glycerin and aloe to help hydrate and heal the skin, along with the astringent alcohol to disinfect and tighten the pores.

Aftershave Splashes/Balms

  • St. Johns Bay Rum - Made in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, this aftershave splash is “summer” from start to finish. This hand-woven glass bottle is filled with a strong, traditional bay rum splash with notes of bay (uh, duh), orange, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and clove for a spiced, sweet scent straight from the island.
  • Barrister and Mann, Reserve Spice - A classic rendition of the original Shulton Old Spice aftershave splash, the infamous B&M have concocted this aftershave from the bottom (of the bottle) up to give you a warm skin-bracing, alcoholic tinge, with an incredibly expansive list of extracts and other ingredients to heal the skin. Imagery of a classic wooden ship “blueprint”, and the classic Old Spice aroma make this the perfect summertime sailor’s splash.
  • Royall Lyme - The Royall line of products have been a successful product of Mr. Anthony Gaade’s Bermudian pride since the late 1950’s. The West Indian Limes used in this fragrances are grown on the Bermuda islands, and the formulation contains 78 ingredients whose exact proportions are a closely guarded secret. Each bottle is mostly handmade from a clay moulding, with the line and scent in bas relief. The bottles are then placed in fine parchment, and the package is sealed using the same crown wax used by the Bank of England. This scent is sweetened by the addition of black currant, and rounded off by dry woods, patchouli, vetiver, and suede. Dive into the depths of Bermuda’s ancient history and one of its proud natives with this incredible summer fragrance.
  • Krampert’s Finest Frostbite Aftershave - This aftershave is one for the daring. It contains a very fair amount of menthol in addition to the alcohol content, giving this a warm, slight burn up front, followed quickly by a cooling that is just on the verge of “Are my eyes watering??” (Heidi, help reword). The inclusion of frankincense oil helps to calm and relax the skin while keeping it hydrated, and has significant antimicrobial activity. With these ingredients, you do get two immiscible layers, so you will have to shake before each use. For the Frostbite fragrance, it is highly recommended to wash the skin, let dry, and then apply. Along with the peppermint oil and added menthol, there is an underlying pine scent, reminding me of a cold summer’s night in the high Sierras sneaking their way through Northern California.
  • Duke Cannon After Shave Balm - Duke Cannon is widely regarded for their large bricks of soap, military-inspired and family-owned since the time of the Korean War. Now, however, they’ve introduced several items to the grooming world, and we now get to experience their new after shave balm. Though splashes are more common during the summer, this is not always true for those living in a dry, arid climate, or for those who have incessant dry skin . With Duke Cannon’s mentholated aftershave balm, you’ll be able to stay cool, and have the benefits of many vitamin-rich, skin protecting goods like Tea Tree Leaf and Baobab oils, all while enjoying the subtle scent of bergamot and sandalwood. Being fairly light and quickly absorbed, this is great for all skin types.

Other Products

  • Byrd Texturizing Surfspray - This hairstyling product is among some of the top performing when it comes to adding texture to the hair. This spray contains coconut water and sea salt, which give the hair its signature pieced-apart texture such as what you’d expect after spending a long day at the beach. But this is where the similarity ends because, rather than the dry, crusty, and heavy feeling the ocean air and sea can leave, this contains myriad other ingredients to keep your hair healthy. Hydrolyzed quinoa contains many pro-vitamins that have significant effects on hair strength, as well as many organic fatty acids to moisturize the scalp, and coconut and sunflower seed oil aid in conditioning the hair for extended periods of time. With a scent of coconut, vanilla, and pineapple, this will give you a laid-back look and a subtle scent of relaxation and all-around good vibes.
  • Imaginary Authors, Falling Into the Sea - Josh Meyer, the master perfumer behind the fragrance house known as Imaginary Authors, has a great line of very unique scents, and a fictional story and author behind each one. The main notes of this fragrance are lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lychee, tropical flowers, and the obligatory fictional note found in each IA fragrance: in this case, warm sand. Though fictional, somehow Josh pulled it off, because I do get a sense of the “warm sand” note, and do not find this to be a decidedly “feminine” scent. The warmth and subtlety of this scent tone down the main citrus notes once it has mellowed on the skin, to make this a great summer scent for both men and women.
  • Lucky Tiger Peppermint Shampoo & Body Wash - In the 1920’s, Kansas City resident Benjamin Clarke began to run a home barbershop out of his basement. Familiar with the benefits of natural products, he released a hair tonic that eventually took the United States by storm. Throughout the decades, Lucky Tiger has produced one of the most expansive men’s skincare/grooming product lines available, now to include their peppermint shampoo and body wash. Made with olive, coconut, and palm oil, this will clean and hydrate the skin, all with the pleasant cooling of peppermint leaf oil. One thing to note is that this formula does not contain foaming agents so, while it will remove dirt and grime, it will not produce a huge lather atop your skin/scalp.

  • Baxter of California Clay Pomade - Since 1965, Baxter Finley Barber + Shop in Los Angeles has been producing award-winning products and offering highly desirable, quality cuts and shaves. Their clay pomade is a welcome addition to your morning routine, providing a medium-hold grip and dry appearance. Clay will help to separate and create texture for those whose hair may naturally have a more uniform appearance, or for those who are looking to sport a summer, beach vibe out of the office. Sage, lemon peel, and fennel oils give this an earthy, yet light and herbaceous scent, all while having conditioning effects on the hair and scalp.
Summer Curated Selection Reviews
great soap!
Mickey Lee Soapworks Shaving Soap, The Kraken This stuff smells great and lathers well. I will put this into my rotation! It comes in a 4 oz tub not 3.3 as listed here.
A new favorite
Duke Cannon?After Shave Balm Had a sample of Duke Cannon balm from the Menthol Sampler pack from WCS and then followed up by buying a full size. This is a new favorite for me. It has great menthol cooling like a splash and a wonderful sandalwood scent that I enjoy. The scent seems to be stronger and have more staying power in the full product vs. the sample. With some other balms I've had trouble with ingrown hairs, but not with this one. Happy to have this addition to my regular rotation.
Baxter Clay Pomade
Baxter of California Clay Pomade Pros: Very good hold, no shine/natural look, smells amazing, it will last you all day, and only a small amount is needed.

Cons: It's just a tad too sticky/tacky. You'll feel a slight pull on your hair as you wanna use when your hair is mostly dry. But this is to be expected given the high hold it has.
I was happy to find
St. Johns Bay Rum I was happy to find my fiancée's favorite cologne at such good price through your company. There was a minor shipping issue, as I did not receive my order within the standard 4-8 was one or two days after that. However, when I called, the representative was very helpful with tracking my order and ultimately refunding my shipping. Thank you West Coast Shaving! I will shop here again :-)
Great Product
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Summer Storm I saw this product on here and wanted to give it a try. This scent is my go-to aftershave after a nice long Ikon shave. You get a nice alcohol bite, that's not too crazy with a great long lasting scent that reminds you of pine, a sawmill, summer in the forest. Great product I highly recommend.
Cool feeling, low fragrance aftershave
Duke Cannon After Shave Balm I was attracted to this aftershave because the description alluded to a fragrance remanesant of sandlewood. I could discern no such fragrance and whatever smell is there only lasts as long as it takes to apply. The menthol feeling is true. I will use this product, but not order it again.
Great Lather. Menthol Cooling, Strong Lime Scent.
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Margaritas in the Arctic My absolute favorite soap right now. Like all Stirling soaps you get a slick, cushy lather if you get it right. This one has a nice cooling effect from the menthol, especially on second pass. The lime scent fills my condo while I'm lathering it up, and I don't mind getting it on my lips and getting the taste in my mouth. If you have lather left when you are done, rub it on your face. That's when it feels really cool. Get the aftershave, too.
The best summer scent. Cooling menthol.
Stirling Soap Company Aftershave Splash, Margaritas in the Arctic This is my new favorite summer aftershave. Nice menthol cooling effect, great lime scent, and nice face feel from the witch hazel and aloe. I splash it on liberally. Don't worry about the scent being too strong as it fades quickly. You will still get whiffs of it after a few hours, but after the first hour people a few feet away won't smell it. Reasonable price, too.
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