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Travel Curation

If the great unknown beckons but you dread the thought of leaving your shaving den behind, have no fear. You can still get a great shave on-the-go. Eric breaks down some great products that will have you looking forward to your trip. From razors to soaps to aftershaves to bags, this list has everything but the bathroom sink -- you’ll have to provide that yourself.

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Parker Travel Razor: If you are looking for a reliable, economical travel razor, look no further. At $29.99, this 4-piece travel razor fits in a small leather pouch, and can be assembled into a full-sized razor. Though closed comb, this razor is efficient at taking down a few days’ growth, and the knurling on the handle is incredibly defined, so it’s very easy to grip.

La Toja Shaving Stick: One of the most popular choices in travel wet shaving, the shaving stick is a convenient, compact option for a smooth shave on the go. The La Toja comes in at a great price point: $7.50 for a very hard stick that - with only travel use - will last you quite some time. With a few swipes over your wetted whiskers, less than a minute of face lathering is needed to give you an unbelievably slippery and protective lather. Top this off with a fresh, powdery scent, and you’ve got one of the most highly-recommended soaps for a quick, convenient, and comfortable shave on the go.

Valobra Shaving Soap Stick: One of the most praised tallow soap bases on the market is now available in a soap stick. Not the cheapest of all options, but if you want to shave like a king while traveling, then this is your best bet. To my nose, I get a clay-like scent, something very natural and earthy. Though it does come with a foil wrap to make it easy to hold, many opt for a twist-up container to press it into. Which brings us to . . .

Twist up containers: For many of us, wet shaving is a way to decompress and unwind, so why should you have to compromise on treating yourself on the go? Enter the simple twist-up container. All you have to do is screw the base at the bottom as far upward as it’ll go, then scoop your prized soap/cream into the base, and screw the base further down as you add more product! Turn any soap or hard cream into a “stick” with this dispenser.

Merkur Travel Razor: Similar to the Parker mentioned above, the Merkur travel razor is a 4-piece safety razor in a high quality, yet very compact leather case. Seriously, several dozens of these could fit in a single dopp kit. So if space is of absolute importance, I could not recommend a better product. With the great build and performance of the renowned Merkur brand, you will not have to sacrifice your quality shave away from home.

Gillette Guard: The Gillette Guard has been in production for only a few years in India, and was made as a solution for the mass-market need for a close, easy, economical shave. At $2, this single-blade cartridge delivers a surprisingly impressive shave. There is quite a large gap between the blade and scalloped guard, which means this is very difficult to clog, unlike most other cartridges. Though you can barely feel the blade cutting, you will get a decent, close shave with this, and one cartridge will last easily as long as a standard DE blade will. If you are only checking luggage and cannot take a safety razor (or blades, rather), this is a great option.

Cremo Cream: Oftentimes, when traveling, your days may be jam-packed with activities, and time is of the essence. Many soaps/creams can take some time to build a proper lather with a brush. And, when you’re pressed for time, you shouldn’t have to reach for the useless can of foam (eh hem. . . can you tell what my preference are?). Instead, reach for Cremo shave cream! It gives a unique cream formula packed with botanical extracts that, when combined with water, yields an indescribably slick coating on your face for a very smooth shave. Though it won’t provide a voluminous lather, it more than fits the bill for the slick protectant needed for shaving on the go. A pleasant, mild citrus scent.

Best Sellers Cream Sample Pack: Our best sellers shaving cream sample pack consists of 6 shaving creams, Crown, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Speick, C.O. Bigelow, Cella, and Cyril R. Salter. These come in small, ½ tablespoon jars so, if you’re taking your shaving brush on your travels, you can easily lather up with several scent options without taking up space in your luggage!

Haslinger Sandalwood in plastic container: Usually, taking a hard shaving soap on your travels is just not feasible -- from the size of the puck to the size of the container. However, the Haslinger soaps come in a small, 2 ounce puck with the included plastic container. You’ll have a reliable, low-profile travel soap that will provide you with great lathers. Scented naturally with sandalwood oil.

Speick Shaving Soap Stick: Speick has been churning out great products for over 80 years and their shaving stick is no exception. Scented with the typical “Speick” aroma of the Speick plant and lavender essential oils. Their tallow-based formula is wonderfully slick and comfortable. This naturally alluring scent is an instant favorite to those who have the pleasure of using it.

WCS Aftershave Sample Pack: As with the shaving cream sample pack, this is a great option if you’d like to end your shave right. In small, 10ml spray bottles, these compact containers will fit very easily in your dopp kit. With the high alcohol content and strong fragrance, only a few sprays are needed to make sure you tighten the pores and leave a fresh scent trailing for all those lucky enough to pass by.

TOBS Jermyn St. Collection 50ml Shaving Cream Tube: The Jermyn St. Collection has one of the cleanest scents I’ve come across. Classified as a clean, yet leathery fougère, this will bring a smile to your face and provide a clean base upon which you can spray any of your favorite fragrances without interference. With a small opening, it is easy to squeeze out only the hazelnut-sized amount you need for a full shave -- and with no cleanup or residue!

TM1985 Box Dopp Kit, Olive and Dark Brown: If you’re a frequent traveller, reliability and aesthetics are key. This Brooklynn handmade dopp kit is modeled after vintage military equipment, and will stand up to just about anything you throw at it. With a genuine leather and boxed bottom, this dopp kit will give you plenty of space to store any of your toiletries. A heavy-duty zipper ensures that you will not experience run down threading or teeth over time.

West Coast Shaving Black Dopp Kit: For quite some time, we’ve been seeking out a way to bring a great quality dopp kit at a great value. Well lucky for you, we finally found a way! With a leather trim supporting a waxed canvas body, our dopp kits are very sleek, durable, and large enough to fit all but the bathroom sink! However, they are made to easily fold flat when not in use, so they’re designed to be space-saving in all aspects. A striped cotton/polyester inner lining makes for a very stylish- yet not distracting - interior.

West Coast Shaving Leather Safety Razor Case, Black: It’s no secret that many of us wet shavers tend to make this a hobby. As such, our safety razors are a valued piece of hardware that we use almost daily. When on the go, some protection to make sure the precious surface of our whisker slayers is not defaced. That’s where we come in. We’ve made a leather safety razor case that is extremely durable and can easily hold up to 4-inch long razors, all while being at the great price point we strive for with our products. Don’t skimp on the safety of your safety razor. Protect your gear on the go!

Edwin Jagger Ivory Best Badger Travel Shaving Brush: By now, we’ve established that shaving on the go does not mean making drastic sacrifices against your shave. The Edwin Jagger travel shaving brushes are a great option for those looking to maintain their shaving brush collection strictly within the badger lineup. Do not be fooled by this brush’s size: it lathers very easily, and is quite effortless and comfortable to hold. It comes with a vented tube to allow any excess moisture to evaporate while taking the brush with you on your adventures.

Keep your kit stocked and ready to go, so when those feet get itchy or the boss sends you on an unexpected overnight, you are ready to respond. Take the comforts of home on the road!

Travel Curation Reviews
What a shave,
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Was looking for a shaver t o prevent shaving bumps. Something to enjoy in the mornings while I get ready for work. It’s back to basics shaving, but truly a gentleman’s way of preparing for his next adventure.
Works great, smaller size does too!
Twist-up Shaving Stick Containers, 2 oz So far I have used these and the smaller size for Arko, Speick, MWF, Cella and Palmolive. Okay, I got a little carried away, but I have discovered that I love shaving sticks, and not just for travel. Arko fits perfectly but there is some slack on the smaller 50g sticks like Speick and Palmolive. No worries, they still work fine. Unless you are traveling for over 6 weeks, the smaller size works great for travel. MWF supposedly hard to lather in a bowl is easy to lather on your face with a stick. The 2 oz. size fits a full stick and the .75 oz. size fits half a stick.
Beautiful product, great lather
Sample pack
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Great variety, worth money
Fits half of a shave stick
Twist-up Shaving Stick Containers, .75 oz This and the 2.0 oz. size work great for making your own shave stick, or making a shave stick more convenient to use. I drilled a hole in a Speik shave stick and it works great in the 2 oz. tube. This .75 oz. tube is the same diameter, but shorter, so it holds half a stick. I cut a Palmolive stick in half, then poked it with a chopstick before pushing it down onto the plastic shaft. Perfect, and more compact for travel. For another tube, I scooped out some Proraso “croap” out of its bowl and pressed it into the tube and pushed it down with my fingers and a chopstick. I will let it air dry a few days (it was a little wet) and see how it sets up.
Nice razor.
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case I finally had the chance to use the razor and I can say I'm happy with its performance. The travel case is compact but still has enough room for a couple of blades. The razor gave a nice close shave without cuts or razor burn. I think the weight has a lot to do with the great shave. My other razor may be a little heavy as it doesn't shave the same. I would like to find one that is similar to this one.
Speick shaving soap
Speick Shaving Soap Stick I enjoy Speick Shaving soap over any other shaving soap or creams I have used.I do have sensitive skin and a sensitive nose so I really appreciate the natural ingredients and the light clean fresh scent.
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