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D.R. Harris Grooming Products Reviews
Ceramic bowl, hot water, good shave cream, Feather blade: setup for perfect shave
D.R. Harris Earthenware Shaving Lather Bowl After using a stainless bowl for years, I decided to try the D R Harris ceramic bowl. Good decision. It holds the heat well, allowing you to maximize the life of your shave cream. And, though harder to measure, you get the pleasure from holding the bowl in your hand. Elemental. Enjoyable. Try it.
Amazing scent
D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick, 75g This is some of the best smelling deodorant out there. With a clean, refreshing, sophisticated scent, it reminds me of an English garden. Subtle undertones of woods and cedar make it decidedly masculine, yet a modern, up-to-date fragrance.

The only drawback is the high price, which is not a dig at WCS- it is expensive everywhere, and WCS’s prices are as competitive as anyone’s. That said, I like this deodorant so much that I bought two this time around- one for home and one for my locker at work.
DR Harris Windsor
D.R. Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette, 100ml I just love the smell of Windsor. It smells a bit strong during the initial application but it mellows nicely. I get quite a lot of compliments on it. I have used many of the DR Harris scents and Windsor is my favorite. West Coast Shaving is where I get virtually all of my wet shavings supplies. They always ship in a timely manner and typically have a little extra surprise in the box. Keep up the great service.
I love the fresh scent and heavy texture.
D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick, 75g This D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick has a fresh scent: masculine peppered leather. Great stuff that has a heavy texture that lasts me much longer than many others, without the irritation or itchiness. Well worth the investment.
DR Harris Earthenware shaving bowl
D.R. Harris Earthenware Shaving Lather Bowl After years of using a pottery bowl thrown by a colleague (may it rest in peace), I ponied up big bucks for this item. It is nice, and it looks great in my bathroom. It functions really well with Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap, but this is the only soap I have used. The dimensions, in the hand and soap/bowl interface, are near perfect. It is a little pricey, and this would be my only complaint. But, heh, it’s only money, right?
Refreshing, pleasant and subtle
D.R. Harris Arlington Cologne, 100ml This cologne is not overwhelming and its citrus scent is refreshing.
This is my new go
D.R. Harris Arlington Bath & Shower Gel This is my new go to body was product.
Perfect for a dopp kit
D.R. Harris Rosemary shampoo bar, 50g Use it at the gym after workouts. Great, mild smell and gentle too.
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