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Derby Shave Cream & Blades

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Derby Shave Cream & Blades Reviews
Derby Blades
Derby Moisturizing Super Lemon Shave Cream I was surprised how well this cheap shaving cream performed. You do have to used a bit more shaving cream to get a thick lather, but it has excellent slickness and protection. In my opinion this outperforms Arko creams any day of the week.
Great stuff!
Derby Moisturizing Super Normal Shave Cream First time trying Derby shaving cream. I like it quite well. Good price too. This is going to be my daily go-to shaving cream now.

Thanks WCS.
Derby Blades
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades They seem sharp and give a good shave. I get about 3-4 shaves per blade. I am still testing sample blades and these are in the running to be my all time blade.
Derby Extra Double Edge
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) It took me trying only 1 other brand of blades to prove to me that Derby has the best blade for me.
Pleasantly Surprised
Derby Moisturizing Super Lemon Shave Cream I had decided just because to throw this cream into a recent order since it was cheap and I wanted to try something new.

The shave was very good with a good comfortable lather that was easy to make, a mild but noticeable lemon scent (reviews seem mixed on the scent but I didn't mind it).

The next big point is the cost which is a pro and a con.

It a pro because it's great if your budget is tight or if you're just experimenting.

It's also a con since it doesn't have the most attractive ingredient list- you get what you pay for.

I couldn't in good conscience give it 5 stars as a result, but a strong 4 since it's performance for a $2 product is great.

Give it a shot, unless you like to stick with more natural products.

In terms of size, it's a good sized tube and I didn't need too much to get a good lather so it should last with regular usage a fair amount of time.
Derby=The Magic Blade Shave You Long Time
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) "I'm a daily shaver, heavy stiff beard. In my cabinet I have and use the following blades in a pair of Parker handles and one Merkur: Derby, Astra, Gillette Silver Blue, Pol Silver, Bic, Feather, Vidyut Super-Max, Lord, Personna. My baby-faced buddy and I set that list of blades best (Derby) to worst (Personna - OMG...) after discussing all these blades over lunch one day; we've both used all these blades for several months. I can't believe these Derby's are 15 cents apiece when you buy 100! I can EASILY get 4-5 shaves out of these without drag and nicks (respect to the reviewer that got the nicks, but that hasn't been my experience), and the last shave is darn near as good as the first. I bet I could get another 2-3 shaves out of them, but I get bored using the same blade and there IS a little (tiny) drop-off in performance on those last couple shaves, but wow, none of the other listed blades perform like these vis-a-vis longevity, and at a minimum, they are on par with Astra with comfort and closeness. The Derby doesn't drag like the Astra's after a couple shaves. Quit looking and buy 100 of these, my local British import store in Northern Calif. had a 5-pk of these for $3.50 - - that'll teach me not to buy from WCS! I've bought straight razors and all my stuff from these guys (and I have A LOT of stuff!) and they've never let me down. Out of all my orders - 1 bottle of after shave busted at the neck, replaced no problems no grief with one phone call. WCS rocks, their products rock, and the service rocks! THIS is how it's done.
Great product great price
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) "Great razors at a great price. West Coast Shaving's customer service is also the best so I will always buy here.
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