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The Dovo Inox 5/8" Full Hollow Straight Razor is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Its genuine olivewood handle not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also ensures a comfortable and secure grip during shaving. Each handle boasts a unique grain pattern, making every razor truly one-of-a-kind and a collector's item in its own right. Moreover, the waterproof seal protects the handle from moisture damage, ensuring its longevity and durability.

Complementing the stunning olivewood handle is a 5/8" full hollow stainless steel blade, renowned for its versatility and performance. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned shaver, this blade configuration offers a balanced combination of maneuverability and edge retention, making it ideal for achieving a close and precise shave. With 24k gold etching on the blade adding a touch of luxury and sophistication, the Dovo Inox Straight Razor is not just a grooming tool but a statement piece that reflects refined taste and discerning style.

  • SKU: SR-DOV-875
  • Brand: Dovo
  • Type: Straight Razor

Dovo 5/8" Inox Olivewood Straight Razor

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