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Edwin Jagger Accesories

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Edwin Jagger Accesories Reviews
Small drip stand
Edwin Jagger Imitation Tortoise Shell Drip Stand, Small Perfect travel size and fits my small shaving brush perfectly
standard and good price
Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Drip Stand, Small great stand. good for brushes
drip stand
Edwin Jagger Leather Razor Case
Edwin Jagger Leather Razor Case, Brown "The case fits well into a crowded Dopp kit and protects the razor blade perfectly from all the knocking around during travel.
Does not fit Parker 96R
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor Stand "Safety razor stand does not fit the "Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor", item # RZ-PAR-96R
Does the job, but bear knot or handle size in mind
Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Drip Stand, Large "I like this stand, especially since it takes up very little room on the counter and looks nice. I would have bought the ivory color, but it was out of stock, and WCS or Jagger doesn't have a large in tortoiseshell. One drawback; since the small Jagger stand is too small for any of my brushes, I got this one. My smaller brush (a 24mm Mohawk) tends to wobble in it when hung at the juncture of the handle and the bristles. I could hang it by the indentation on the handle, but then the top of the brush hits the bottom of the stand and bends a bit. Not the biggest problem as long as it doesn't wobble off the stand when hung by the knot. The stand works fine with my larger brush (an ~26mm Surrey), and lets it dry out well. It might be worth putting the height of the stand's inside space in the description. If there's no knot issue, this is a very good bargain! I also have a #312 WCS stand, and it works very well and looks great, but it'll be taking up residence in my shaving cabinet when I build one.
Good value for the money
Edwin Jagger Clear Drip Stand, Small "Good value for the money
Simple solution
Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Drip Stand, Large "I needed an expensive stand for my second brush, and this was perfect. The tortoiseshell and ivory colors were out of stock. One quibble (and it's by no means a killer): while my larger [Surrey] brush (the one for which the stand was needed) fits fine by the knot, my smaller [Mohawk] brush (24mm) wobbles a little when on the stand by the knot, and is too long to hang by the handle. However, that's what I have my WCS #312 stand for. Once I get my shaving cabinet built, I may get another one of the EJ stand for counter use when drying a brush, since the others will go in the cabinet.
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