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Everyone should use a good moisturizer. Yes, even guys! A good moisturizer will keep your skin from drying out and will help keep your skin soft and elastic, as well as protect it from the harmful effects of the environment.

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prep cream, jar
Prep Cream, jar
Prep Skincare Products Limited
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Choosing the right moisturizer for you skin type is also important so that you reap all the benefits from it. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, a combination of both, or are acne prone, we surely have something for everyone. In addition to just moisturizers, we have hydrating lotions that also include SPF to protect you while you enjoy the sun. You will also find a few other unique products in this section, including body lotion and muscle relief cream.

Moisturizer Reviews
great cream
Prep Cream, tube works great on any skin irritation ?goes on easy and absorbs fast
Great Lotion
Mitchell's Wool Fat Hand & Body Lotion, 240ml Mitchell's wool fat hand and body lotion is a fantastic body lotion as are all Mitchell's products I have tried. This lotion used after a shower leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, I recommend it highly, a little goes a long way.
Nothing better!!!
Prep Cream, jar I used PREP several years ago, for shaving, skin irritations, sweat-galling, etcetera. It's fantastic on ALL counts! I'm so glad that I've been able to find it again! After waiting several weeks/months, PREP was finally available from WCS again!

Thank you, WCS!
All purpose stuff
Prep Cream, tube Now that I'm into 'wet' shaving with DE blades, I noticed I was stockpiling an enormous quantity of "shaving gear." I'm going on vacation in July, and wanted a tube of SOMETHING that I could use as both a PRE-shave, and a AFTER-shave balm. This stuff fills the bill...and you can use it on sunburns, too! (Except--like a vampire--I hate being out in the sun!!) I have other AFTER shave balms that I like better--when I'm at home--but for a week on the road, this one tube saves space in my bag!
Excellent face cream for men
Cremo Face Moisturizer, 4.4oz "Leaves the face clean and also leaves it soft, with a little in the hand makes enough foam.
Great PreShave in Economic Packaging
Prep Cream, jar "I tried a tube of Prep and loved it. While the tube will be great for traveling (and whatever is left over will be used for that), the jar is far more economical for home use. This is a very nice preshave. Smells a lot like the old Noxema formulation. I find that if you wet your beard, then apply a thin coating of Prep before lathering with shave cream, you get a very nice shave with no irritation. I use Prep with TOBS shave cream.
Great body lotion
Mitchell's Wool Fat Hand & Body Lotion, 240ml I have issues with dry sides, hips, and shoulders, but one application of this right out of the shower fixes things for the whole day. It's thin, so a little goes a long way. The scent is good, but not anything spectacular, and wonderfully light so it won't conflict with anything else you may have on.
Best moisturizer on the planet
The Gentlemens Refinery Moisturizer I've tried a lot of different face moisturizers and this one is by far the best of the bunch. It goes on very smoothly and is almost instantly absorbed, leaving my face looking natural, not oily and my skin feeling smooth and supple. Unlike a lot of grooming products that I like to use in a rotation, this is the one and only moisturizer for me. Expensive yes, but my face is worth it. And a single bottle will last for months of nearly daily use. TGR makes grooming products of the highest quality, and their moisturizer leads the way.
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