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Bar Soap

We all want to be clean. And most soaps can get you there. But the difference with our soaps is that they are have all been hand-picked, not just for their amazing cleansing qualities, but also for their unique scents, wonderful ingredients lists, and the general way they make you feel extra fresh when you step out of the shower.

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We carry a wide variety of brands, many of which are made with organic and all natural ingredients because we know you only want the best for your skin. Some of our top picks include Level, Duke Cannon, Musgo Real, and Dr. Squatch. Now the fun will be in finding your own favorite.

Bar Soap Reviews
Smells Amazing and Works Great
Ogallala Bay Rum Bath Soap Ogallala is one of my favorite Bay Rums and this soap just smells amazing. It's mild, so it doesn't dry out your skin or hair. Yes, it works as a shampoo too. And it makes you and your bathroom smell great for some time. I only wish it was just a bit cheaper. Most artisan made soaps this size are in the $4.00 to $4.50 range. Pro Tip: Cut the bar in half for easier handling.
Thick and mild texture.
Pre de Provence Shea Butter Bar Soap, 150g Great fragrance and mild texture. Very moisturizing thick lather.
Luxury soap. I love lanolin products.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, 75g Smooth, luscious soap. Great treat for the season a you bathe. Spoil yourself.
Great Product
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap This is my first pre shave soap. It did an awesome job. I applied to face and put shaving cream over it for a real smooth shave. I use Taylor of old bond street shaving cream. The soap fits into an empty container, or I just sit it on the lid for a soap dish.
Mitchell 's wool fat soap
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, 75g Good lather, and pleasing soapy texture on the skin.

Rinses with a clean feel leaving a pleasant subtle fragrance
Every purchase I made with West Coast Shaving has been excellent.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Bath Soap, Sandalwood, 200g I love the scents, fine soap and DE blades so far. Also my Safety Razors have been great too. West Coast Shaving is my first place to shop for fine Men care products.
love this stuff
Taylor of Old Bond Street Bath Soap, Sandalwood, 200g I didn't send a review on the powder yet, so I'll do both and save time. First, the soap is great, love the scent and it leaves you feeling really clean, no leftover residue and smelling great. The powder is very good as well, again, the scent is great and it keeps the moisture away, especially in very humid conditions. I use the Taylor of Old Bond street shaving soap and love it, now if you could just get the after shave in the Sandalwood fragrance, I would be very happy.
Dominica Bay Rum Herbal Soap This is a wonderful soap(s) cleans you up and everything! Makes me jump higher and run faster from the gals who like a good smellin' man
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