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Hand & Body Wash

Taking good care of you skin is a full body experience. Whether you need a good moisturizing hand soap to keep by your kitchen sink or something in your shower to wash all over with, we'll help you stay clean. With our top quality assortment of body washes and hand soap, your skin will surely be pampered on a daily basis and be left moisturized, smooth, silky, and soft from head to toe. With a wide array of brands and scents, we are confident that you will be able find something to keep your skin free of any drying or cracking from which you may suffer, especially in the colder winter months when keeping your skin extra hydrated is essential.

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Hand & Body Wash Reviews
Provence bergamont hand soap
Nice scent and performance
Speick Men Shower Gel I enjoyed trying this body wash. It has a great herbal scent similar to other Speick products but it is a bit too pricy for me to purchase it regularly since it is also a smaller amount than the body washes available locally in the US. I'm glad I tried it.
soft, smooth and clean feeling skin
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shower Gel, 300ml I normally don't use shower gel but ordered it for my wife because Mitchells makes such a fantastic shave soap. We ordered the shower gel, bath soap, skin lotion, and shampoo, we are very impressed with all the products. My wife and I will continue to use Mitchells products.
Sheepish Magic
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Foam, Country Scent, 150ml Let the sheep bathe you for a change. Lovely scent -- not lanolin or that "smell of sheep" that your farmer friends always bring to the pub. It's mild, but used with a loofah it brings up a light lather and leaves a superbly clean feeling that lasts without any residual soapiness on the skin. Also, a little bit seems to go a long way. Treat yourself and let your shower time become spa time, in the midst of a green, flowing meadow.
This is my new go
D.R. Harris Arlington Bath & Shower Gel This is my new go to body was product.
This is a great soap - smells wonderful and lathers well too, but a bit pricey.
Provence Sante Liquid Soap, Bergamot, 16.9 oz "I bought this pump soap on a whim to try it since it was offered on sale here. Certainly it is a high quality product and smells great, made in France too! I would buy a couple of the other fragrance options too, but not really at full price. Maybe if this was in the $10-12 range regularly I would buy it regularly.
A good wash
Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather Hair and Body Wash "The scent is very nice and will last on you for few hours. Add a right cologne before stepping out the door and you are well scented for your meetings or travel. It lathers well and will go a long way. You do not need to use much which is a plus, being that it comes in a small bottle. I recommend this for men who enjoy a good masculine scent that will last after stepping out of the show and into your day.
Genius Product
Mitchell's Wool Fat Lanolin 'M', 25g "This is the best salve I've ever found to heal cracked, dry, chapped winter skin!
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