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Sponges & Bath Accessories

Want to make your showering experience even more luxurious? Add a natural sponge or shower brush, and you will feel like you've gone to the spa without ever leaving home.

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Whether you choose a mitt, wash cloth (not an average one), sponge, or brush, you will experience the benefits from the increased exfoliation with the appearance of healthier looking skin. Also, be sure to check out our fun, relaxing, and therapeutic shower and bath bombs to add another element of relaxation to your bathing ritual. (The shower bombs featuring menthol are a perfect remedy for when you have a cold!) Buy one for yourself, or give one of these exquisite items as a gift -- you can't go wrong.

Sponges & Bath Accessories Reviews
Nice scrubber
Baudelaire Sisal Body Scrubber I was pleasantly surprised at how well it lathers my body wash, love it.
Shower Changing...
Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt Great addition to a daily shower routine. Takes a few uses to break-in but worth it.
great scent
Level Naturals Shower Bomb, Menthol + Lavender "did everything the description said it would. my allergies were really bothering me so i placed one of the tablets in the shower and it went to work right away. the lavender scent was very calming and helped put me to sleep.
Great body scrubber!
Baudelaire Sisal Body Scrubber "I love the natural fibers of this!
Good feeling
Dr. Sponge Green Tea "The sponge feels a bit scratchy on the skin, but not irritating. Leaves the skin feeling clean.
Great product, well made and
Baudelaire Sisal Wash Cloth.Great product, well made and cleans well.
Long summer
Dr. Sponge Green Tea.Great product for dry skin after many days outdoors in hot sun. Easy on the skin, best way I've found to smooth the face with little or no irritation.will buy another!
Effective but gentle
Dr. Sponge Original.I've been using Dr Sponge products for a couple of years in conjunction with Cremo Face Wash. The sponge comes with a string attached so you can hang it in the shower to allow it to dry between washes. These sponges hit the sweet spot for face washing because they're more effective than just using your hands but they avoid the harshness of a regular washcloth. The "Original" is better suited for men with large hands while the round ones work better for those with smaller hands. You can expect a sponge to last about 3 to 4 months of daily use.
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