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  • Dry oil for skin conditioning and massage
  • Scented with an exquisite rose aroma
  • Enriched with a trio of nourishing oils

Pre de Provence is a small company in rural France who are crafting their grooming products with the attention and tradition of generations of artisans before them. They use the finest, natural ingredients often found just footsteps away from their headquarters. Exquisite scents and nourishing ingredients imbue their products. Try Pre de Provence Rose de Mai Beauty Oil.

This trio of skin-nourishing oils (jojoba, grapeseed, & borage) go to work hydrating and conditioning your skin. This dry oil provides all the moisturizing you need without the greasy feeling. You are left with a healthy glow. It also makes a great massage oil to rub into sore muscles.

The scent is a true rose aroma. Harvested from the Rose de Mai that blooms for only 5 weeks in the spring sunshine of Provence, these blossoms provide the magic of this sweet, intoxicating fragrance. They have been used for centuries by perfumers. Still cultivated by hand, the flowers are picked early in the morning, placed into a harvest basket, and sent just kilometers down the road to the fragrance house.

Size: 15ml

Made in France