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Fine Accoutrements Accessories

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Fine Accoutrements Accessories Reviews
Lather Builder
Fine Lather Bowl, Black and Gray Could be the soap, brush or amount of water used or a combination of the three, but when I use this bowl it produces a lather that is very fluffy with a lot of air. I still need to experiment with it some more, but so far I am loving it
Fine Lather Bowl

I got this lather bowl as a gift from my Brother. Like the description says the ribs help in whipping up a robust lather! Nice size and good handle.

Lather monster
Fine Lather Bowl, Black and Gray "Fits in hand amazingly well. Perfect depth and diameter. Ridges support lather building without stressing the finest brush.
Great Bowl
Fine Lather Bowl, Blue and White "This Bowl is great!!! Lathers well, the weight seems to be distributed well also. I love the brush holder on the handle it works great!!!!
Great Lathering Bowl
Fine Lather Bowl, Black and Gray.I've got a couple of shaving mugs that have served me well over the years, so I wasn't sure I needed a lathering bowl. I decided to purchase one anyway and I am glade I did. With this bowl you can really whip up a great head of lather in no time, and whoever designed this bowl really put some thought into it. I love the handle with the thumb grip, which gives you a comfortable and secure hold on the bowl while you are whipping up your lather. This has been a great addition to my shave routine.
The Latherer
Fine Lather Bowl, Red and White.Great bowl with ridges molded in to build lather.Also has a holder for your brush.
Great lathering bowl
Fine Lather Bowl, Blue and White.Being new to lather making, I found I needed some sort of container to whip up my lather in. This Fine bowl is just about perfect for me. I really like that I can hang it by a book under the sink (reducing clutter on the counter which my wife appreciates), it has a place to rest the brush while I shave, and it has ridges on the bottom to help with lather building. My only critique would be to have the lip curl in, so that lather would be folded back into the bowl as I build it up. But I love this bowl!
A Great lathering bowl
Fine Lather Bowl, Blue and White.I really appreciate that this bowl can be hung by a hook. I store it under the sink that way. There is a great spot on the handle that allows the brush to rest on its side as I shave, and ridges in the bottom to help with lather building. I wish it had a rim curved inwards a bit to fold the lather back into the bowl, but otherwise I really love this bowl!
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